Adding Pain To His Pleasure

It seems Lion is back to himself again. After I finished the manscaping, he asked if I wanted him to put his ring back on so I could lock him up. I told him he could remain wild until I was done with him for the night. He reminded me a few times that he was wild. He was hoping I hadn’t forgotten. Oh, I hadn’t.

Lion never knows what to expect when I bring out my bag of toys. There are some evil things in there: clothespins of various sizes and nastiness, the dreaded Velcro, a length of rope, some clamps, some rubber rings that came from the top of Target prescription bottle, and I’m sure there’s other stuff I’m forgetting. I heard him groan when I grabbed the bag last night. Lucky for him I was after the wooden clothespins with a few plastic ones mixed in for effect.

The wooden clothespins don’t hurt as much as the plastic. They also don’t hurt as much as the wooden ones with the tread surface on them. I was taking it somewhat easy on him since he’s been less than his horny self lately. I don’t know if Lion agrees that I was taking it easy on him, but I could have pulled out more than two plastic clothespins. I could have loaded his balls up with a lot of clothespins, but we were playing “edge and release”. Once I get him to the edge I take a clothespin off quickly. In case you’re not familiar with clothespins, they hurt going on, sometimes hurt while they’re on and sometimes hurt the most when they come off. Every one is different. Every spot is different. If I happen to hit a very sensitive spot with a plastic one, there’s just no getting around it. It’s going to hurt no matter what.

So I put about ten on him and the fun began. It’s worth mentioning that I did get Lion somewhat aroused before I put any clothespin on. He is more difficult to arouse if I hit him with pain first. He had a stripe of clothespins from his perineum to the base of his cock. Once I got him close to the edge I took one or two off. They do tend to get in the way when they are closest to his cock, but that’s also where the most sensitive skin is.

I discovered this game when I had Lion in a similar predicament and I was trying to ensure he didn’t have a ruined orgasm. I figured if I got him very close, or even a little too far, yanking a clothespin off would stop all progress. When he’s not too far it just adds a little (sometimes more than a little) pain to his pleasure. And, after all, isn’t that what playing is all about?

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    It is a shame they changed those rings on the bottles at Target. I have been using them for a while now & they feel great on.

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