Seeing Past His Penis

One of the things I liked about Lion’s unemployment last time (looking on the bright side of a dark time) was his cooking. When I got home he’d usually have some yummy thing ready or almost ready for me. This time around, his unemployment seems to have hit both of us differently from last time. I guess that’s to be expected. When he was newly out of work last time it was more of a shock at first but we had no idea we were in for a long job search. This time I think we snapped right into that mode of thinking. Consequently, neither of us has been feeling very upbeat. Until recently. Because of his funk, Lion hasn’t felt much like cooking. Boo. Hiss.

From my point of view, he’s been home all day. Can’t he just pull something out of the freezer? From his point of view, he’s bummed about being home all day. Can’t we just go out? These are the times I wish our roles were reversed. Why can’t he be working while I’m between jobs? I love staying home all day. I rarely want to leave the house. No contact with people all day? Don’t tease me like that! Me time all day? Yes please. Anyway, back to the food.

I love walking in the door to the aroma of whatever Lion is cooking. For whatever reason, my food doesn’t have the same appeal. Even if we make the same food. My stew doesn’t smell as nice as his stew. I don’t know why. It just doesn’t.

Lion seems to be coming out of his funk. I’m glad. Not just for the potential food, but because I hate seeing him that way. I wish I could do more to reassure him. Right now, he’s getting encouragement from people in a position to offer him a job and that’s better than any encouragement from me. He’s even horny again. Last night he told me he’s very horny. Yay!

I even gave Lion punishment swats on a non-punishment night. He spilled something on his shirt. He’s a messy eater. He didn’t require many swats but I did them with the tenderizer paddle so I think they felt like more swats. And I unlocked him for some play. A blow job edging. Afterwards he said he was sure he would get to come. I told him the calendar wasn’t in his favor. We both know that doesn’t matter. And this morning Lion said he was very horny. I said that was good. He disagreed. I know a horny Lion is better than a non-horny Lion. He does too. He just can’t see past his penis sometimes.

So we’re hopeful that Lion will be employed sometime before the end of the month. And if that job doesn’t pan out, there’s another one with the same company. And a few people within the company pulling for him. Fingers crossed.