Yesterday was filled with non-sexual activities. We took our camper to a garage to repack the wheel bearings. We mowed the lawn. By night we were both exhausted. I also got to fly the drone I got this past winter. Mrs. Lion bought me a little drone and after looking at it, we upgraded to a larger, more sophisticated model. It has GPS and other sophisticated stuff to make flying it easy. I was doubtful that it would be much fun. Mrs. Lion was sure it would be. It was. The weather up here is amazing. It was just like it is during the summer here in the Northwest; sunny, 80 degrees F. during the day and 55 at night.

What does this have to do with enforced chastity and a female led relationship? Not a lot. Well, maybe more than it appears at first glance. Even though we were doing non-sexual stuff and I was leading in getting our camper maintained, Mrs. Lion quietly informed me that I interrupted her during the day. She’s feeling exhausted so I assume that’s why I haven’t been spanked yet; but she made it clear the offense was noted. I have no doubt I will pay for that error. We are both aware of my obedience to rules. She sees me check before I start eating. I ask before doing things. It isn’t a bit artificial. It’s just the way things are.

That doesn’t mean I don’t slip or Mrs. Lion doesn’t miss things I do. But it happens less often. I’m not going to claim that we now have a fully functional female led relationship. We are on our way to achieving what we said we would do. What felt uncomfortable and unnatural a year ago, has become far more routine now.

One area is still challenging: punishment. It doesn’t feel natural to me. Based on how Mrs. Lion approaches discipline, I don’t think she feels it is natural either. Neither of us have any childhood context for discipline, particularly spanking. We didn’t spank our kids. This isn’t the same as the play spankings I have gotten from her. She knows I really like them. I hate being punished. I don’t complain or grumble too much; but I do hate it. Mrs. Lion knows I do.

I don’t think I will ever want to be punished. If I did, that would defeat its purpose. I am equally sure that Mrs. Lion won’t take pleasure in it either. I think our eventual goal is that punishment becomes routine; just something that is a normal, expected part of our marriage. It isn’t a special occasion or some erotic fantasy. Punishment will become another part of our marriage dynamic, just like enforced chastity is now.

I ask myself why in the world I want us to incorporate this into our lives. It’s something that is unpleasant for both of us. At first glance, it makes no logical sense that either of us should want to make this part of our lives. The same is true of enforced chastity. However, enforced chastity has transformed our sexual relationship. FLR, I’m sure, will do the same. It is forcing each of us to make changes that ultimately improves our lives. I am learning, albeit painfully, to be much more conscious of my lioness’ wishes and feelings. She is learning to assert herself and make sure I pay attention to what she wants.

Maybe this solution is too extreme for most folks. It could be that we have developed yet another way to open ourselves up to one another more fully. In the end it isn’t so much about sex and power exchange. I think it is about enhanced awareness of one another and elimination of ambiguity in the way we relate to each other.

I’m not sure if you want to hear more about this side of our power exchange. Please leave comments and let me know if this sort of topic isn’t what you want to find here. Thank you.


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    I think coming full circle is important. I think it’s important to note the process. I enjoy reading about all aspects of your experience.

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    Hi there,

    I’ve been finding your website tremendously helpful. My wife and I have started our own version of an FLR which includes orgasm control, occasional locking in a cage (normally directly after I have been allowed an orgasm, to make sure I don’t lose focus) and domestic discipline.

    Your resources and insights have been great, so please do keep posting on all topics.

    I know exactly what you mean about punishment. I have accumulated 17 swats that I have just learned I am going to get sometime tonight. I am really not looking forward to it, and a part of me feels it is “silly”, but another part of me knows that I have behaved in a way that has upset my wife, and that a spanking does help.

    I don’t get turned on by the spanking, but I do get turned on knowing that my wife has the power to spank me.

    So, thanks to both of you for being such a great help!

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      That’s how I feel too. I like the power exchanga but I don’t like the punishment a bit.

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