To my surprise, Lion was horny last night. He hasn’t been lately. He also said he was very tired when I got home. I figured it was another night with no play. Then he asked if I was going to unlock him.

I didn’t grab my bag of tricks this time. I didn’t want to scare Mr. Weenie again. Instead, I grabbed the Magic Wand. If 2.0 can’t get a rise out of him, the Magic Wand usually does. It did. We were off and running. Until I went too far. Damned ruined orgasms! And Lion was instantly worried that he wouldn’t be horny again. Then he surprised me again. He said he still felt a little horny.

Granted, the ruined orgasm didn’t produce much semen, but we hadn’t played very long before it happened. There isn’t necessarily any correlation between semen produced and time spent playing. But it seems to me that if Lion is very horny and I’ve gotten him very turned on, there is more semen. And sometimes there isn’t. You never can tell. But if he’s still horny after a ruined orgasm, that bodes well for more play tonight. And I promise not to go too far again.

Perhaps tonight I can twist his arm and he’ll want to be tied to the bed for a nice play spanking. I know he loves those. As much as he dreads punishment swats, he loves play swats. First of all, they don’t start out as hard. Then, I do a lot of tushy massages and kisses along the way. And, of course, I lead up to the harder swats, which generally aren’t as hard as punishment swats anyway, but his buns can handle it if I take my time.

While both kinds of spankings come from love, they are definitely different. The I-love-you-so-I-don’t-want-you-to-make-this-mistake-again punishment swats are evil right from the beginning. I may give him a few, then pause to let him catch up, but there is no rubbing of the butt to take the sting out. He needs the sting to know I mean business. Play swats start out with love taps. I may throw in a few harder swats, but they are not too hard and are usually followed by kisses or a massage. If it’s clear I’ve hit too hard, I immediately tone it down again. If a punishment swat is too hard that’s just too bad. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. Play swats are designed to get him to his happy place although he’s said he doesn’t want to get to far into oblivion.

It’s always a balancing act. Swat too hard and I may injure him. Stroke too far and I may give him a ruined orgasm. I don’t really like heights. Luckily this tightrope isn’t too far off the ground.

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