Thursday Night is Chinese Food Night

As Lion said, we got a lot done yesterday. By 7ish we were both sleep-watching TV. It wasn’t just me who was exhausted. Despite Lion’s hints that he was horny (and I know he’ll say they weren’t hints), I was in no shape to play with him. No spanking. No edging. No nothing. Poor Lion. With today being full of errands and chores, it might not look too good for him again. Somehow the weekends always seem to get away from me.

Last weekend I bought some new nail polish for Lion’s toes. My intention was to paint them red and then give them a black racing stripe so his toes would match his car. Yup, it was a silly idea. But then, the thought of Lion having pretty toes at all is silly. I don’t remember why I got sidetracked last weekend, but I did again this weekend. I’m now thinking I’m putting too much emphasis on the weekends. Why can’t I paint Lion’s toes on a Wednesday night? I could easily manscape on Tuesdays. Not every week of course, although we’ve turned Thursday night into Chinese food night and Friday is Lion’s deli night. The point is that waiting until the weekend is silly too. With all the chores and errands, fun stuff gets put off. We may not want to do dungeon things like the sling or fucking machine (when we finally get to that point) on a weeknight, but we can do more of the maintenance type things. After all, Mondays and Thursdays are punishment nights.

Luckily, I guess, it’s not such a nice day today. We can’t do some of the outdoor things on our list. That may salvage some time for manscaping and other more fun things. But going forward, I’m going to make an effort to do more during the week to free up the weekends for things that require more time and effort. As long as we don’t get too pigeon-holed. I know I need some structure so I continue to make strides toward our goals, but Thursday doesn’t have to be Chinese food night. (Lion would rather give up punishment on Thursday instead of Chinese food.) I just mean that we don’t have to make things boring and predictable.

Now Lion is worried about Wednesday night. Pretty toes. Feh! It could be worse. Nail polish doesn’t hurt like Velcro does.

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    Mrs. Lion I really need your help. My husband & I are trying the WLM & he is caged. My problem is we’re so new & was excited in the beginning but so many distractions. He agreed to certain behaviors as part of the process, we don’t use any discipline yet & he doesn’t stick with his part of what we discussed before we jumped into this. He has surgery back in Dec 2015 & still has a lot of pain, I just want to start from scratch like we were never doing this to start with. Any suggestions on what we can do to regain out marriage? It was enjoyable when we started last year now not so much.

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