They Really Don’t Care

Both 2.0 and I are still recovering; much more slowly than we expected. Sex, teasing, and FLR are on hold pending our ability to do much more than sleep and watch TV. I’m off to work again today. I tried on Tuesday, but by mid afternoon I was worn out. I worked from home yesterday. Mrs. Lion is still feeling badly. I doubt she will get back to work tomorrow. I guess we had the flu. We both had our shots last fall. Oh well.

This is the longest continuous time I have been in my Jail Bird. There is no discomfort at all. Now that my health is returning, I did have a spontaneous early morning chubby. But it was just my body keeping the blood flowing. When she is ready, Mrs. Lion may have some work bringing me back to life. She missed her post yesterday. Being sick takes focus away from anything other than getting better. I’m sure you are tired of hearing about our flu. I certainly am tired of everything about it.

Mrs. Lion was right in her post the other day that the main reason I didn’t want to be unlocked had nothing to do with my risk of unauthorized sexual touching. I just want things to be as normal as possible. I’m well into my third year of wearing a chastity device. I find some comfort that it is there. It’s been part of our lives for so long that we can be surprised when people say things that show how far from “normal” we have strayed.

Case in point: One of Mrs. Lion’s coworkers mentioned that she was reading something that talked about BDSM. She was so upset she had to put the piece away before reading more than the first reference. What would she think if she knew her work friend regularly spanks her husband? Apparently, even Fifty Shades of Grey hasn’t popularized D/S enough that 2.o’s colleague can even bear to hear a reference to its subject. Our daily routines would probably send her to the hospital with the vapors. Of course it doesn’t matter if she or anyone else, for that matter, runs screaming when the idea of bondage or spanking comes up. I may not run screaming, but I have no interest in what that woman does in bed.

Enforced chastity and our other assorted kinks are not subjects of casual conversation. I know that a lot of people who are interested in being locked in chastity devices live in fear that they will be discovered at work or elsewhere. So, the device is only worn in the privacy of home. Most of the modern devices are invisible under clothing. Even if there is a small telltale bulge, no one will notice. When was the last time you stared a guy’s crotch to speculate what they are wearing down there?

The simple fact is that pretty much the entire world has no idea what a male chastity device is, much less the signs that a male is wearing it. The same is true of FLR. People will not even consider that there is a power exchange even when the disciplining wife corrects her husband. It’s all about context. I know that I’m safe. I’ve been going to work, the doctor (most of the time), the dentist, shopping, visiting, and living my life; the entire time locked in my chastity device. Nothing horrid has happened yet. I think that people who talk about the risk of being discovered are more fascinated with their own penises than anything else. The rest of the world just doesn’t care.

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    I’m not entirely sure that the younger generation of potential kinksters have no idea about male chastity, or indeed about BDSM in general. At least among the college crowd, I think that it (BDSM, but not necessarily chastity) is sort of generally accepted as a somewhat alternative but not too far out style of sexuality. Among those who participate in the BDSM lifestyle, I think a reasonable percentage have at least stumbled across it, and in most larger dungeon events I generally see at least one or two men wearing a device.

    Of course, sex play does not equal lifestyle. I don’t have a good sense for how widespread chastity / FLR lifestyles are, because they’re very much invisible to outsiders in day-to-day life. Based on the number of competing devices available on Amazon and eBay, it seems that an awful lot of people must have at least played with it. Speaking firsthand, I can say that it can be such a powerful fantasy that at least some men must have tried to make it a larger part of their lives.

    As far as the invisibility and everyday compatibility of wearing a (good quality) device, I couldn’t agree more. At this point, wearing the device impacts my daily life not at all. I thought that the exception would be flying (I travel quite a bit for work), but an unexpected trip came up while my wife was out of town, so I just steeled myself (so to speak) and flew anyway. In one direction, I wasn’t even stopped; on the return, I explained about a “non-removable piece of body jewelry”, was given a brief pat-down, and continued on. So travel is apparently a non-issue too.

    Actually, during times when I’m not locked, after about a week I start to miss the feel. To me, being locked in my Lori tube give me a feeling of security somehow, in a way that I can’t quite articulate.

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