Battery Maintenance

Both of us are improving. I made it to work yesterday. I’m not back to full speed, but at least I’m not falling off my paws. Without the distraction of sexual activity or, for my part, any real interest in sex, I find myself becoming more introspective about exactly what we are doing. Philosophically, am I really in bondage if I don’t want to move anyway? Yes, my penis is locked up and is unable to get hard or otherwise express itself sexually. If it weren’t locked, would something change? Would I suddenly need to masturbate or find another female? The answer is, no. So what’s the point?

Isn’t the big point of any power exchange that the dominant partner exerts will or force over the submissive partner? That means, by definition, that the submissive partner is prevented from either doing something or avoiding something that hurts, is humiliating, or in some other way is not wanted. Clearly, since this is consensual, the submissive partner is actually being made to do something he agreed to accept.

With enforced chastity the agreement is to allow the keyholder to control all male sexual expression. The assumption is that the male will want sex and he will be denied it until the keyholder decides to let him express it. This is most apparent in orgasm control. The male wants to come, but he can’t. He is locked into a chastity device that won’t even let him get hard. Hence, enforced chastity.

What happens if the male doesn’t want to come? His interest in getting off has evaporated. Has the power exchange ended? He may be locked into a chastity device but it has no effect on him since he doesn’t care about sex. Some keyholders would love this situation. They may have locked up their partners because they didn’t want to deal with his sex drive. Most aren’t like this. They enjoy the tension, increased communication, and the sexual energy that having a locked penis can create. The more he wants to orgasm, the higher the energy level. The locked penis is a sexual battery fully charged and ready to spark.

If that battery loses its charge, the fun goes out of the game. A pat on the ass no longer gets that little gasp. Suggestive comments don’t light up the desperation in his eyes. This is the point that the keyholder needs to recharge that battery.

If enforced chastity has taught me anything, it taught me that male sexuality is a lot more complex than I ever imagined. I’ve learned that after a given length of time without an orgasm, even with daily edging, I will lose interest in finally coming. Other guys have described this too. It becomes easier and easier to wait. The teasing feels wonderful, but I lose the desperate need for my lioness to go just one more stroke to push me over the edge. When the session is over and there is no ejaculation, I’m not humping air. I’m not begging for release. I just lose my erection and wait to be locked up again.

My sexual battery loses its ability to take a full charge. That changes immediately after I get to come. I may be at a point where the orgasm isn’t a blinding light, but rather a jolt of relief. It doesn’t matter. Within a day or so I am ready to be teased and made so desperate for release that I will do anything to improve my chances. A couple of weeks later my ability to take a full charge has diminished noticeably.

Enforced chastity is a delicate dance. Every male is different. Some, unlike me, will remain fully charged for months on end. Others will start fading in a few days. A critical keyholder skill is knowing how to maintain her caged male’s sexual battery on full charge.


  1. Author

    I hope you’re both soon over the ‘flu. The flu shot can sway the odds, but it’s no guarantee.
    I just wanted to say that I agree with your comments on battery maintenance. I am very fortunate in having a wonderful wife who’s up for sex on a frequent schedule even though we’re both in our late 60’s. I would say she enjoys it but also needs it a lot less than I do. For 10 days each month, we continue the schedule but I don’t get to cum. During those ten days, I greatly enjoy the improved erections, the frustration and the edging. The rest of the month is vanilla. We both find that the two ways of doing things complement each other in a delightful way, nourish our marriage relationship and enhance the overall experience enormously.
    As you say, we’re all different and different things turn us on but I think it makes sense that long term lockup without orgasms would eventually blunt most men’s interest in sex – at least for themselves and possibly for their partners too.

    1. Author

      Thanks for the good wishes. We are all different and it’s great to get a peek into how others do enforced chastity. Thank you for sharing with us.

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