Mrs. Lion 2.0

Last night was not Lion’s night. He didn’t get in trouble or anything. He just didn’t get played with or edged. Unless you count snuggling with me getting ever so close to the cage without unlocking it. I played with his balls. I played with his boobies (and oh does he hate that I call them his boobies) but I didn’t unlock him. He was very horny and why didn’t I just unlock him already and give him the orgasm he wanted! Because I’m mean. Mrs. Lion 2.0 is mean. Mrs. Lion 2.0 doesn’t care what Lion wants. Except that Mrs. Lion 2.0 is giving Lion exactly what he wants. And he’s not at all sure how he feels about that.

Obviously, he’s glad I’m finally taking charge. But what will I do next? He has no idea. That has to be scary for him. He knows I would never hurt him, at least not more than he wants to be hurt. But I will hurt him more than he wants to be hurt at that particular moment in time. The menthol rub I used on him over the weekend was long expired. It still had some kick left in it, but I need to replenish my supply. Maybe I’ll find some extra strength stuff. He won’t like that idea, but he will love it. I’m sure there are a lot of contradictions running through his mind, along with the recurring thought of “Oh, shit. What have I done?”

Yes, my pet, you may have created a monster. Frankenlioness. It’s alive!

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    I am liking the new Lioness, time to roar

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