Time Changes My Perspective

Monday night, Mrs. Lion gave me a rain check and allowed me to give her an orgasm. It was great. I love giving her pleasure. I know she had fun and I hope we can repeat this again soon. Now that I am aware of it, I like the idea of discovering when she wants an orgasm by reading her calendar. Just as my calendar shows my next date, hers is now active too. It was reading “00” for a long time. I’ve been putting my own date up on the calendar after Mrs. Lion tells me. That’s why I haven’t been looking. If she is going to take over that effort, it could get interesting, especially if she not only lists her own next date, but changes mine without warning. I may come out of the shower and learn I have to wait an extra day or more. If I don’t look, on the day I thought I was going to come, I would be surprised when nothing happens.

As I am often told, I tend to make trends out of events. I like to take things that happen as signs of the future. Frequently my comments are misunderstood. For example, after Mrs. Lion performed her post-orgasm penis massage, I commented to her that I might dread orgasms. She responded in her post that I thought her painful play would follow every orgasm. Nope, that’s not what I meant at all. In my mind, at least, I was thinking that if she did this a fairly large percentage of the time, I would have two things to think about each time she played with me: Would she let me come? And now, would she provide the post-orgasm stimulation I hate. It makes things more interesting.

I’m not entirely sure how I am expected to react when Mrs. Lion starts a new, stricter way of dealing with me. In her post on Monday, Mrs. Lion mentioned my shock at the change. There was a comment supporting the change and accusing me of freaking out about it. For the record, I am not freaking out. Part of me is very happy that Mrs. Lion has decided to make the changes I have long requested. Another part of me is realizing that the new stuff hurts. And yes, it’s supposed to hurt; a lot. Am I glad things have gotten tougher? Absolutely! Will I say that just after a very painful activity? No. Part of the fun, at least for me, is to be able to hate what’s happening and to realize it proves I don’t have control.

Yes, I want Mrs. Lion to continue and expand her new found strictness. I really like that little smile she had when she was painfully rubbing my penis head after my orgasm. I hated the menthol on my balls, but loved that she just stood there and watched me suffer. I even liked it when she put those painful, tiny, dollhouse clothespins on the head of my penis and refused to remove them.

Just don’t ask me if I like it until the day after she does that stuff. Give me a little time to be a “poor lion”.

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    I’m very happy to hear that Mrs. Lion’s libido seems to be returning! Bringing my wife to orgasm is pretty much my favorite thing to do, especially orally (she used to say it felt a little lonely to her, but she seems to have gotten over that; to me, it feels like a very extended kiss, and I get to pleasure her at the same time). Of course, I *really* like orgasming myself, too, but it’s a close thing – I often feel selfish when she’s pleasuring me.

    With the cage on full time now I don’t get to orgasm very often any more, so I look forward to any opportunity to make her feel good, whether it’s an orgasm or a good back rub. This morning, as we cuddled after going down on her again, I asked how the chastity thing was working out for her. In the beginning, I got the strong feeling that she was doing it just for me; this morning she told me that had been somewhat true originally, but now she’s enjoying it more all the time, and for her own reasons.

    It’s been about a week and a half I guess since she last let me out (I don’t keep really track, although my hormones seem to!), and I have no idea when my next time will be. This all feels wonderful to me, and like my chastity has become just a regular part of our lives. Clearly it’s a lot more present in my mind than hers, but that carelessness on her part is part of the erotic thrill for me – that something so omnipresent to me is such a relatively small blip on her mental radar.

    Again, it’s terrific that Mrs. Lion’s orgasm number has moved away from zero – perhaps lots of practice will make it ever more frequent. (There is some evidence that, unlike men, women have a sort of negative refractory effect – as they orgasm more often, they tend to desire it more.) This may be a good event for you to make a trend out of, Lion!

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