Jerking Him Around

Lion got some new clothespins. We haven’t been playing much – at all by his standards. I started pinching his “boobies” when I went to snuggle. He doesn’t like when I pinch his boobies. It’s ironic because he loves to pinch women’s nipples. He pinched mine once while he was falling asleep. He’s lucky I didn’t kick him out of bed.

Anyway, the new clothespins were nearby, so I slapped one on each of his boobies. I think I’d pinched them harder, but he winced a lot. They aren’t that strong. I tested them on the web of skin between my forefinger and thumb. Nothing. I realize boobies are more sensitive than the skin on the hand, but that test is usually fairly trustworthy. Of course, that didn’t deter me from yanking on them and twisting them. I guess I see it as payback for all the womens’ boobies he’s molested, although they were willing and happy participants.

If I wanted to put the clothespins on his balls, which I did, I knew I had to get my weenie into the act. Sometimes I forget that I can’t just pinch his balls without some warmup. Getting him excited first makes it easier to handle pain, I guess. One of the problems with never having experienced BDSM myself is that I don’t know what the appeal is. Does it hurt less if his mind is on his weenie? I know it’s a joke that men can’t think because all the blood rushes to their cocks during sex, but does it really dull the pain? It can’t possibly happen right away. I mean, I just got him hard and clamped these pinchy things on his balls, and he was okay with it. I don’t get it, and maybe I never will.

[Lion — Sexual arousal greatly increases the ability to handle pain. I’ve seen workshops where that was demonstrated. It’s a reproductive necessity that pain not interfere with sexual activity. Both men and women can handle a lot more gentle pain if aroused.]

The thing that surprised me most was, after a while of jerking him off, I told him I thought I needed him across the bed so I could suck him, and he asked if I could just keep going with my hand. Huh? Was he giving up oral? For my hand? Strange. I know he’s told me he didn’t think he’d get any further even if we tried oral. I don’t think he’s ever preferred my hand.

I didn’t get him to the edge before he was done, but he liked what I was doing. He told me he thinks I could edge him with my hand again at some point. Maybe that’s what he’s working toward. I’ll have to make sure I’m in a better position. I wasn’t hurting. I just wasn’t as comfortable as I might have been had I known we were in it for the long haul. I’m game if he is.