clothespins on lion's balls

We made soup yesterday. There were two enormous chickens in the freezer. I took one out on Friday and left it in the refrigerator to thaw. I should have checked its progress because it wasn’t quite thawed by yesterday afternoon. Lion was able to cut it up and wrestle it into the pressure cooker along with veggies. While that cooked, I roasted the butternut squash for my soup. Despite starting later, my soup was ready long before Lion’s. Once it was roasted, I added a few ingredients, cooked it on the stove for a few minutes, then blended it smooth. Done. Now we have two more kinds of yummy soup in the freezer. Apparently, we’re suddenly survivalists laying in a supply of food for the end of the world.

As we were cooking, Lion reminded me of the gardening work to be done. He also added that he hoped we’d have time and energy for sex. He hoped. And he hoped. And he hoped again. Alright already. I got the message. When I was done with his soup and the gardening duties, I sat down for a bit. He hoped again. I told him I needed a minute. He told me to take my time. Obviously, I couldn’t take too much time or it would be too late to do anything. But I only needed a few minutes.

I hadn’t thought ahead to any sort of play. I’m not sure why. I guess I’m still not quite back to that mindset yet. I grabbed some clothespins on the fly. Lion loved to pinch boobies when he topped. He never mentioned wanting his boobies pinched, but he did pinch mine in his sleep once, so I figure he should get a taste of his own medicine. Plus, it amuses me that he doesn’t like his boobies called boobies. He has nipples but not boobies. I disagree. So I put one clothespin on each booby and gave each a yank to see him grimace.

There are really only a few spots on his balls that are sensitive to the pinch of clothespins. Why load them up if all I need are four or five strategically located ones? Sometimes it’s interesting to see how many I can get on, but those four or five deliver the pain he’s looking for. I’d been jerking him off as I put them on. I’d tug and them, jerk him, tug, jerk, etc. I put a few more on for good measure and then sucked him a bit.

How long was long enough? As he’s said, just because he’s hard now doesn’t mean he’s turned on. My primary indicator is no longer reliable. All I can do is ask him if he wants to be sucked. I assume he’d ask if he needed more attention, but I don’t know. Once we get into position for oral sex, I go slow for a bit. I don’t want to be a vulture. “Give me the orgasm!” No, we’re not in a rush.

My biggest problem in sucking him is changing too many techniques at once. I change the position of my mouth and the speed at the same time. Or I change the position of my mouth and where I’m rubbing or tickling his balls. When he reacts, I have no idea which he’s reacting to. It could be both. He’s too busy to pay attention to what I did when, so that’s no help. Ultimately, all that matters is he has an orgasm. And that I get the cream filling. But the orgasm is the bigger deal. And the cream filling. But the orgasm is more important. And the cream filling.

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