Wind’s In The East

” Winds in the east, mist coming in.
Like somethin’ is brewin’ and bout to begin.
Can’t put me finger on what lies in store,
But I fear what’s to happen all happened before. ”
(Bert, “Mary Poppins” Chim, Chim Chiree)

Like Bert sang, somethin’ is brewin here and has already begun. Without warning (The wind is that way, ya know) Mrs. Lion is on a new tack. Saturday night I was unlocked and  Mrs. Lion edged me a couple of times. Then, instead of stopping, her hand kept moving through a full orgasm. She didn’t stop. She kept going and going, making sure the head of my penis was rubbed roughly. That hurt! When I mentioned that, she told me she knew and that’s why she was doing it.  I needlessly told her that I hate it. She just smiled.

This isn’t a bit like her. Up until then she worked very hard to make sure I had fun; not Saturday night and not again yesterday. She told me when we were going shopping and also told me that from now on she would decide when and what we do. OK, fair enough. After we watched the Seahawks lose, she told me to go down to the dungeon. Once there, she strapped me into the sling. I was hard nearly immediately. She played with me a bit and then inserted a long piece of ginger up my ass. After a few seconds it began to burn. It kept getting worse for some time. This was the most powerful ginger I ever experienced. Yes, I do enjoy that sort of play. What followed though, wasn’t the sort I like one bit. She got out some menthol liniment, a stronger version of Ben Gay, and dabbed some on my balls. I hate that! Yes, she took it easy on me and only dabbed some on a couple of spots. I hated every second of what followed.

Granted, this isn’t extreme play, but it isn’t what I would ask her to do. I hate the post-orgasm massage. Most men do, I think. I hate menthol burning my balls. She knows I do. Of course, I was securely restrained and had no vote in any of this. She’s also given me less time out of my cage after edging. Yes, the wind has definitely shifted.

While I would like to know why, I truly don’t need to know, and probably shouldn’t. My immediate reaction is surprise and a little worry. Yes, it’s what I asked for, but menthol on my balls? The top in me is nodding approvingly. This difficult-to-tame lion is learning he isn’t in control. Mrs. Lion deserves congratulations for her latest changes. Forgive me if it worries me a bit.



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    Sounds like Mrs Lion is finally stepping up, be careful what you ask for

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