Last night I unlocked Lion and tied his balls up tightly. When I said I was going to get some lube, he said the silicon lube is harder to clean up. Did that mean he wanted to use different lube? No, he said he was just thinking of me and how difficult it would be to get off my hands. The silicon is nice lube. It stays very slippery for a long time. I decided to use it.

As I was edging him I thought about giving him an orgasm and continuing to stroke him afterwards. I know he’s very sensitive after he comes. Too bad. I wanted to do an experiment. So on the next would-be edge I kept going. As soon as he came I kept stroking. He tried to wiggle out of the way and asked what I was doing. I said I still wanted to play with him. He said it hurt. Yup. I figured it did. He didn’t like it at all. Awww, poor boy. That was sort of the point.

Almost immediately after that he asked why I would give him an orgasm. He was worried he wouldn’t be horny for play today. Nothing about thanking me for his impromptu orgasm. (He did say it was the same as a ruined orgasm. Just as unsatisfying because it hurt.) I thought that was rude. But I told him I was sure he’d be horny again as soon as his butt was strapped in the sling. We’ll see if I’m right in a little while.

This morning, however, I decided to change tactics. Ordinarily Lion decides when we run our errands. This results in my waiting around for him or I’ll be in the middle of something when he wants to go. Not today. I told him I was starting the laundry and then the bus was leaving for Costco. It was up to him to be ready. As he dressed I told him to put on the shock collar. I wasn’t about to put up with any nonsense today.

I zapped him once for interrupting me, but other than that he was good. I told him I wished I could zap the other people who kept jumping in front of me. Too bad it doesn’t work that way. Lion did get a warning for interrupting again, but no more zaps. So far. We’re watching a football game we recorded while we were out. He’s making a lot of derogatory comments about the coach and the team. I think another zap might be coming soon.

Later on I’ll tell him when it’s time to play. It’s up to him to get himself downstairs. I won’t wait for him. When I tell him to jump, he should ask how high and when he can come back down. No more Mrs. Nice Lion.


  1. Author

    Nice to see you being assertive in your decisions and not worrying about what he will say. He wants you to act that way. You two are in a FEMALE lead relationship after. You showed you can make decisions and enjoy the benefits. You are giving him what he wants even though you may have shock him or give him other corrective measures to remind him this is what he wants.

  2. Author

    You found a male that would allow you to control and schedule his sexual release and wear a shock collar on his privates?

  3. Author

    (On a minor point of this post…) We found a lube that has most of the nice properties of silicon – long lasting, doesn’t get sticky, nice “feel” – and yet cleans up like a water-based; it’s like the ideal blend of the two. The brand we use is Liquid Silk, and we’re apparently not the only people who like it: I just noticed that it has a perfect 5-star rating on Amazon.

    (And on the central point…) I think @Matt is right on target with how Mrs. Lion is stepping into her role, and meeting Lion’s ostensible desires. You both might find that the missus discovers that it’s a pretty comfortable role to fill… 🙂

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