Ginger Lion

We’ve bought an awful lot of ginger lately. There are two fairly full produce bags on the bottom shelf of the fridge, with another bag in the crisper. In the past we haven’t been able to find such nice pieces. These are thick and some are even pre-shaped like butt plugs. All I have to do is peel it. Lion has been hinting about it for days. Last night seemed like the perfect time to use it.

The problem I see with using the ginger is that it’s difficult to get in. Using lube would be counterproductive. It would coat the ginger and mask the oil which creates the burning sensation. Last night I wondered if I should have heated it slightly. Trying to shove a refrigerator cold object in might dull the pain of shoving something in but it might also make the sphincter contract. Having it at least room temperature might help. Besides, who wants to dull the pain?

As I was waiting for the ginger to heat up in Lion’s butt, I started wondering if anyone makes ginger infused lube. It seems to me it would be an interesting idea. I know there are warming lubes out there, but I’m not sure any are specifically ginger. Lion suggested finding ginger oil and making our own to test out the theory.

When Lion said the effects of the ginger were dissipating, I removed it and I thought maybe that would be the end of our activities for the evening. A few minutes later, Lion astutely informed me that he was still caged. Why yes. Yes he was. I told him he had his play time for the night. He said that was unfortunate. Eventually I did unlock him. How can I turn him down? I edged him as we discussed using ginger on Mr. Weenie. We do have a lot of ginger.

Since last night was our second chastiversary, I decided to give Lion a present. Yes, he just had his scheduled orgasm the other night (a day early as a matter of fact), but I decided that two years was a lot to celebrate. Besides, when I was looking at my calendar for the next scheduled date I realized that his last date was supposed to be January 12. So not only did I give him his orgasm early by the schedule’s standards, I had missed the date anyway. That’s what I get for relying on my memory. At any rate, Lion got an anniversary orgasm after all. And, of course, he laughed at me when I wished him a happy anniversary afterwards.

I like surprising him with impromptu orgasms. I just like making him come. Schedule be damned.