If I Had a Billion Dollars

Lion and I bought a Powerball ticket. The prize will be at least a billion dollars. We have about as much chance of winning as we have of walking on the moon, but we had some fun talking about what we’d do with all that money. We decided we wouldn’t fall into the same trap other people have fallen into. We don’t need Ferraris and Lamborghinis. We don’t need a private jet. We can fly first class, with the occasional chartered jet. We’d pay off bills and buy a reasonable house. We’d help out our kids without handing them everything on a silver platter. That’s the dream anyway.

While I was playing with Lion, however, I found a flaw in our plans. How can we be world travelers, going through security so often, with Lion wearing his cage? No, we’d have to fly exclusively on chartered jets. Of course, I could always let Lion be wild during our flights. The cage could be stowed safely in our luggage which, as billionaires, we could afford to check. And perhaps we could even have someone design a travelling cage out of plastic or carbon fiber. Would carbon fiber set off a metal detector?

And finally, since we’ll be world travelers, as I edged Lion I was thinking about the first place we’d visit. Obviously it would be New York. And as it hit 9 pm Pacific time, it occurred to me that it was already midnight in New York. What luck for Lion! That meant it was already December 11th – his scheduled orgasm date. I edged him a few more times and then gave him his New York orgasm. When he caught his breath I asked if he was confused. He admitted he was so I shared my thought process. I said he should never argue with my logic. He happily agreed.