Our Second Enforced-Chastity Anniversary

Two years ago today Mrs. Lion snapped the lock shut on my chastity device. I’ve been locked up ever since. Of course, I do get out for teasing and orgasms, and occasionally for a day or two. Overall, I’ve been living in a chastity device for over 98% of the time. Over these two years we’ve both changed. I, obviously, have a much fewer orgasms than when I was “wild”.

On that same day two years ago, I masturbated for the last time. Mrs. Lion wanted to see how I do myself so she could use that information in the future when giving me orgasms. And yes, I still remember how to do it. I’m just not allowed to do it. When we started and for nearly a year after, it was disappointing when  I was edged and put away horny. Orgasm was my goal when sexually stimulated. Very quickly Mrs. Lion learned to take me to the very brink and stop. Along the way I got some ruined orgasms. We both hate those. To my surprise, I learned to like the edging. Since I was edged many times more often than given an orgasm, edging has become “sex” for me. I love orgasms, of course, but I don’t feel badly when one is denied.

Our marriage continues to grow stronger. We are much more physically intimate. We both know our sexual roles and have embraced them. Mrs. Lion initiates and decides what will happen. I’ve learned to accept her decisions with a minimum of whining. We are much more physically intimate. We cuddle, hug, and kiss more often than before enforced chastity. Mrs. Lion no longer has to worry about my expectations. She knows they may be interesting at times, but don’t count. More importantly, I know that too. Strategic spankings have taught me that some things are better unsaid.

Over the last six months we have added our own brand of FLR (Female Led Relationship). Mrs. Lion makes more non-sexual decisions now. She also punishes me when I annoy her or break a rule. As she is learning to be stricter, I think I am learning to watch what I say and do much more than I ever have in the past. A year ago if I expressed displeasure at a choice Mrs. Lion made for me, like a weekend in diapers, she would immediately discontinue the activity. That’s no longer the case. She has learned that by doing things I hate, I settle in more to her control. I guess I can’t learn the easy way.

I don’t think either of us expected enforced chastity to last. When it went on for six months we were both a little surprised. Now, on our second anniversary, I can’t imagine us ever stopping. How about that?

A friend, Drew of  The Drew Duality blog, is busy helping his husband Axel after a very long surgery. I hope you will join us in wishing Axel an easy recovery. Drew, if we can do anything to help, don’t hesitate to ask.