We’re All Weird

Tuesday night I wasn’t feeling very well. I had a stiff neck and a headache, but I managed to play with Lion and get him all riled up. I still felt yucky yesterday so, just for fun, I plugged my symptoms into WebMD. It suggested I have meningitis. Okay. Not likely but thanks for playing our game.

Lion was snoozing a lot and I was still not feeling well so we didn’t play last night. I’m not sure why he was snoozing, but I’m pretty sure my problems are from the change in weather. It seems that whenever a front goes through my sinuses are affected and I get stiff and achy. Apparently my head is a barometer. I still have a headache and stiff neck today but I’m going to make sure I get to play with Lion tonight.

When Lion chose the blindfold card the other night, he suggested I put it back in the Box O’Fun. He’s right. For one thing, he likes being blindfolded. For another, it doesn’t take the place of another card. And it adds to his fun. Fun, of course, is not always what he gets from the Box O’Fun. It’s mostly mean things, but that’s what BDSM play is. Why would you subject yourself to torture if it wasn’t fun on some level? Even when Lion protests that it hurts too much, there’s my weenie standing tall and proud and giving everything away. Clearly weenies are connected straight to the part of the brain that enjoys these things.

i don’t know why he likes to be blindfolded

I’m not sure why Lion likes the blindfold. I mean, obviously there’s some mystique about not being able to see what’s coming. It adds to the excitement and suspense. I guess I’ll file it under Things I Don’t Understand About Lion along with all the other needs for ouchy things. Whenever he says someone on the TV is weird for doing a certain thing, I remind him that he does weird things too. He can’t deny it. We all do things that are weird to other people. I guess people would be boring if they were all carbon copies. (Did I just show my age by referencing carbon copies? Do they even make carbon paper anymore?)

We’re heading into a holiday weekend with COVID-19 cases spiking in a lot of areas. I take the dog to the vet today. Lion has an eye appointment tomorrow. And then we’re cocooning ourselves in the house for three days. At least, that’s my plan. One of those days, Lion will be waxed. I noticed a small forest of fur growing at the base of my weenie. I’m sure there are hairs elsewhere that need to be yanked. Maybe we can play in the afternoon at some point. If the weather is remotely nice, maybe we can barbecue. But, for the most part, we’ll practice our social distancing. We were quite good at it even before the virus.