This is the time of year when I just have to force myself out of bed in the morning. It’s dark, rainy and cold. I feel my age and find myself worrying about how much future I have left. Enforced chastity is very much a kink that deals with the future. It’s all about the next orgasm. Of course, living in the moment is possible as long as I don’t include sex in the moment. Well, I can include it as something that’s not going to happen until the appointed date.

It’s odd in a way that I even have that thought.  I think more about sex than ever. When I could get off anytime I wanted, sex for me was just a fleeting thought now and then. Yes, I saw women who were sexy and speculated about them naked. But I never really put any thought into the next time I would get off. Why should I? All I needed was my left hand and some privacy.

Things are completely different now. I know that sex on demand is no longer possible for me. For some reason that fact causes me to think about getting off much more than before enforced chastity. It isn’t as though I don’t get sex. Mrs. Lion is very generous about giving me orgasms. It’s just how I react to being caged. Before starting enforced chastity, the idea of being locked up in a chastity device would turn me on. So, when I thought about being unable to get hard, I got hard. Now that I am locked up, I think more about getting off. What can I say?

Many years ago when I first learned about enforced chastity, I was more surprised at my reaction to it than I was to the idea itself. I had never considered that there such a thing as enforced male chastity. As soon as I discovered it, I had to learn more. Now over 15 years later, I am locked in a chastity device.

Logically, my reaction makes no sense. Well, actually it does. I also get turned on by bondage. Tie me spread-eagle to the bed and I am hard before the last cuff gets fastened. Something about losing control turns me on. Not being able to have sex makes me want it more. It’s like saying, “Don’t think about chocolate cake.” What are you thinking about? You get the idea. I’ve been turned on by this from childhood. Long before I had any idea what was happening, I would get hard thinking about being tied up.

It could be that enforced chastity has that same appeal. My penis is helpless; trapped inside a steel cage. No matter how much I want to be hard and to come, the cage prevents it. That is hot, isn’t it?

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    I wish I could be cage like that all the time but I exercise to much so I wear mine every other time . My partner allows me to time in and out she like me to look my best all the time

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