An Orgasm A Week Makes A Happy Marriage

According to a study recently reported by PBS,  looked at sexual frequency and marital happiness. The study found that happiness increased with sexual frequency up to once a week. Increased frequency beyond that produced no improvement. The original data came from the late 1990’s and another study was done a year or so ago and it confirmed the earlier results. I’m pretty sure that what the study counted as sex involved sexual contact for the partners; where at least one had an orgasm. Obviously those of us practicing enforced chastity generally don’t get to have an orgasm every week. Yet, based on our marriage and what other bloggers report, we are a very happily married group. That makes sense since people in an unhappy relationship aren’t going to have the trust or interest required for enforced chastity.

Since there are no studies I can find on enforced male chastity, we need to consider how the results of the reported study might apply to us. I think it all depends on the definition of “sex”. The simplest and most obvious is that sex includes an orgasm for one or both partners. Another is that sex constitutes any direct genital stimulation whether or not it results in orgasm. When I am edged by Mrs. Lion that certainly counts as sex at least in terms of my emotional satisfaction. Since she is not interested in orgasms for herself, I wonder if the study would imagine we are not a happy couple.

I also wonder if sexual activity is just an indicator of the connection between the two partners rather than the reason they are happy. It stands to reason that a happy couple would want more sex than an alienated one. The study apparently didn’t ask the couples what sexual activity they had; just the frequency it occurred. We have sexual activity much more than once a week. It just usually doesn’t result in an orgasm for either of us. Being the sort of lion I am, I suggested to Mrs. Lion that at least weekly orgasms would make us count as the happiest of couples. She met that suggestion with an eye roll. It was worth a shot.

Clearly, what counts as “sex” is in the mind of the participants. In our world, sex is defined as genital contact for either of us. Orgasm isn’t usually involved. I don’t think that just wearing a chastity device counts. In any case, this is a very interesting study. The most fascinating part to me is that frequency greater than once a week didn’t show any improvement in the relationship. I wonder why that is. I’ll never find out.