The Schedule

Last night I realized that Lion’s next orgasm is scheduled for today. It wasn’t initially. He had his birthday orgasm and then another scheduled four days later. I questioned whether he would be horny enough for an orgasm that quickly. He needed a date for the website so I said October 16. This was all subject to change if he got his original orgasm as scheduled. I should never have doubted him. He got his orgasm after only a four day wait. But I never corrected the schedule.

As it stands right now, Lion will receive an orgasm tonight and then go back to the original schedule, which gives him another one on the 20th. That’s another four day wait. Hmmm…. That’s three four-day waits in a row. A Lion could get used to that. One of the things I tried to do was to make sure none of the waits are the same from one orgasm to the next. I know I give him bonus orgasms from time to time which throws the schedule off, but the actual schedule was varied.

On the one hand, I could forget about tonight’s orgasm and just make him wait until the 20th. On the other hand, I know his next wait is fairly long and giving him somewhat rapid fire orgasms could make that wait better – or worse. I was also teasing him last night that after January 1, he has no orgasms on the schedule. He may never come again. Poor Lion. That’s just because I haven’t sat down to create it. Or is it? We all know Lion will get more orgasms. I like giving them to him too much to stop giving them to him.

So what’s the answer? Well, Lion will definitely have an orgasm on the 20th. As for tonight, I’m keeping my options open. Let’s see how play goes tonight. If he’s desperate enough I may give him one. Or not. You see, sometimes I like the element of surprise. I like it when Lion has no idea if this buildup is the one that will take him all the way. I like it when I stop just short and he keeps bucking the air. I like the little noise he makes when I stop and he’s frustrated. I also like the noise he makes when he comes. So I’m not telling. I’ll figure it out later.

What do you think?