Are orgasms like potato chips; you just can’t have one? Of course most males have them one at a time with substantial spacing between “bites”. Even without enforced chastity I doubt I would have more than three a week. When I was younger, an orgasm a day kept lion grumpies away. Now, an orgasm a day would stop being fun in under a week. Oh how we change with age!

Male orgasms, at least for me, are habit forming. It’s a little like drugs; once you’re hooked you have to detox. After a while, you no longer crave the drug. The same is true of orgasms. If, as Mrs. Lion joked, my last orgasm was January 1 2016, I would be a very unhappy lion until January 30. Then, I would slowly forget about orgasms entirely. I’ve come to learn that some males like the idea that enforced chastity will facilitate their kicking the orgasm habit. Not me.

For males, orgasms are like solar energy; when harnessed they will provide all sorts of useful benefits. If blocked, a major renewable energy source is lost. Let me explain. Orgasms themselves aren’t the source of useful male behavior. The desire for an orgasm is a fundamental motivator for virtually every animal. Males of all species will do nearly anything for the opportunity to orgasm. The hotter that flame of desire burns, the more the resulting heat drives males to higher levels of energy.

So, enforced chastity is not the removal of orgasms as its name implies. It is the harnessing of one of nature’s most formidable forces: male desire to orgasm. A keyholder wants her male “hooked” on orgasms. She wants him to remember how much he wants them. She provides them often enough to keep him wanting more, but not enough to give him much rest from his desire.

It turns out that this can be tricky. For example, Mrs. Lion edges me almost every day, yet after a while, even though I enthusiastically respond to her ministrations, I begin losing my desire for ejaculation. That surprised me when I first realized that was happening. My working theory has always been that as long as I received teasing and edging, my hormones would keep flowing and my desire to come would grow and remain high until I finally got relief. It turns out that for me it’s true but only up to a point. After two or three weeks, I still respond very quickly to stimulation and feel massively frustrated after edging, but once the session ends, I quickly forget about sex.

On the other hand, if my last orgasm wasn’t too far in the past, after edging there is a prolonged sense of frustration. The next day I find myself wishing for that elusive orgasm. In short, I remain in heat. The longer I go without an orgasm, the less orgasm matters until the next time I am teased. In a very real sense, teasing satisfies me more and more as time goes by.

Many keyholders want to harness this male sexual energy. It’s pretty easy to do. Just let him know that his next chance to orgasm depends on him pleasing you. If you give him specific tasks, sexual or not, that will help advance the date of his next orgasm, he will attach those tasks with growing enthusiasm every day he is made to wait. But, as I mentioned before, this only works up to point. After a while he will lose interest in the orgasm. You can tell this has happened when he complains that after he comes he is depressed for days and would rather not go through that. He begins encouraging you to make him wait longer and longer.

That complaint is not entirely bad news. Looking at it in a slightly different way, what he is saying is that it’s easier for him when he’s not in heat. But then you use that heat as a renewable energy source. He may actually feel depressed after an orgasm. It’s normal and is called the refractory period. This is the time it takes a male to regain the ability to come again. In enforced chastity, I think that period changes from when he is physically able to come again to when he can start to forget how much he wants another orgasm. I doubt that the males even realize this. Of course, I may be completely wrong, but this is my theory. The keyholder as a good sex “pusher” will give her male just enough orgasms to keep him addicted and wanting more. She can use edging as a way of assuring his desire for another orgasm remains high. But he never gets “enough”. She always makes sure that his desire to do anything to get his next “fix” remains high. Mrs. Lion is very good at keeping me in heat.

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    Thank you for an interesting and serious blog. I follow you from the other side of the Atlantic, Scandinavia, where blogs like this seems to be absent.

    I think your theory is correct. At least it is a correct description of my experiences with beeing depressed after orgasms, whereas the sooner my wife succeeds in bringing up the longing again, the sooner the depression is gone. Its is about needing, not about orgasms.

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