Lion Schedule

I received a question asking how I schedule Lion’s orgasms. It was actually quite difficult for me to decide this. If you look back through my posts, I had ideas anywhere from rolling dice to picking cards. Eventually I settled on my own method. I sit down with a calendar and just pick dates. When I’ve marked them, I go back and count the wait between the dates. Sometimes I realize that I’ve missed the mark a little bit, as I did recently with our anniversary. Lion’s date was scheduled for the 18th. Our anniversary is the 15th. I didn’t think Lion would mind having an orgasm three days early, especially since, at that point, he didn’t know when his next orgasm was anyway.

If I find a wait time that I think is too long, or if I’ve inadvertently put two long waits together, I move the date. I prefer Lion to have short waits with a few long ones mixed in. For example, he may have waits of nine days, five days, eighteen days, and seven days. This is our preference. Lion’s optimal wait would be three to four days. Obviously he’s not going to be that lucky all the time. Generally, if I had to guess, I’d say he averages a seven to ten day wait. I know that doesn’t seem like much, but it’s a matter of preference. Neither Lion nor I care for the marathon waits. I believe his longest wait was twenty-one days. He was not happy, although his happiness was not under consideration.

Last year I decided to give him an orgasm on Christmas Eve and one on Christmas day. I did the same on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s day. Two days in a row was a bit much. Will I do the same this year? Perhaps. Perhaps not. I also try to hit the special days, like Valentine’s day and his birthday. Why not? It’s a time for celebration. What’s more celebratory than an orgasm? Plus, I love to give my Lion orgasms. I am usually worse than him when it comes to caving in about the scheduled date. Whether he begs and whines or not, I may just decide I need to taste him and he’s got himself a bonus orgasm.

Lion has some coupons he can use for orgasms. He’s reluctant to use them because he feels it’s topping from the bottom. I wouldn’t have given them to him if I didn’t want him to use them. No amount of reassurance will sway him. Clearly he has more self control than I do.

We’ve also had some issues with his knowing the scheduled date versus not knowing. For a while he knew when his next orgasm would be. Then we changed it to it being a mystery. I don’t know which way works best. On the one hand, he can anticipate. On the other, he wonders if tonight’s the night. It’s easier for me to cheat and give him an orgasm if he doesn’t know when it’s supposed to be. Of course, it’s up to me anyway so I can just announce a bonus and give him one whenever I feel like it. (Sometimes it’s good to be in charge.)

I have only extended his wait once. I think he was a day out from orgasm on an eight day wait when he pissed me off. I don’t even remember what he did, but I immediately told him he just added a day to his wait. He looked at me like I’d just punched him in the gut. It seems like an effective form of punishment. I’ve already taken his favorite toy away from him by locking him up. Now I can keep that toy from having a release because of his behavior. Uh oh. Personally I prefer spanking as punishment, but I can see how extending a wait might make him think twice about misbehaving.

So that’s it. That’s the very unscientific way I choose Lion’s orgasm schedule. Mostly it’s just an experiment and subject to change.