Cheating Male Adaptability

We are still in the woods and Internet/cell phone free. I am writing this on Monday morning so we can run to town (15 miles) to upload our posts. You will see this on Tuesday. Monday was my scheduled orgasm day. I’m sure Mrs. Lion will fill you in on the details in her post later today.

Yesterday, I wrote about the need for teasing and edging to prevent male sexual dormancy. What if you take my advice and edge your caged male on a regular basis? He remains horny and wanting attention from you. So far, so good. You can extend his waits and guarantee he remains very interested in sexual attention. You can use this interest to encourage him to be obedient and attentive. This is what he asked you do to with him. You can extend his waits to avoid any loss of interest in the days following his orgasm. Things are perfect. Right?

Well, no they aren’t. A guy will find sexual satisfaction somehow. On one hand, locking him and leaving him untouched will put his interest to sleep. On the other hand, if you make him wait a long time and tease him regularly, he will learn to find satisfaction from the teasing and edging he gets. He may well want you to avoid giving him orgasms. He knows that once he ejaculates there will be days when things stop feeling so good. It’s true. Many males have reported this change.

Does it sound like enforced chastity is a no-win game? Don’t give up yet. To maintain maximum desperation for orgasm, you need to watch your timing. What enforced chastity forces you, as keyholder to manage, is your caged male’s ability to sexually adapt. With a combination of teasing and strategic wait time management, you can prevent him from going dormant or learning to substitute edging for full orgasms.

Based on my experience with Mrs. Lion as well as reading other males’ accounts of their enforced chastity, wait time control seems to do the most to prevent his body from getting used to any pattern of arousal. Every male is different, so the key is to vary your male’s wait times and see the results. You should be able to find a range of waits that keeps him horny and wanting, but not so long that he will find his satisfaction in edging. Be advised that this range changes over time, so you need to keep testing in order to continue defeating his ability to adapt.

In my case, it appears that my peak horniness occurs on around the fifth day of waiting. This has held constant since we started enforced chastity. I seem to plateau at that high level for the next week or two. Then, after the second week, I tend to start enjoying the edging more and more. I’ve never reached the point that I would be happy to have the teasing and nothing else. We’ve never gone past about three weeks. As my wait time wears on, more teasing seems to be necessary to keep my interest high. It becomes easier and easier to become dormant. At the same time, the teasing becomes more and more fun. The trick is to reach the point where dormancy won’t set in and the teasing isn’t so much fun that I will happily take that instead of orgasm.

For discussion’s sake, let’s say that my waits start either making me go dormant or train me to prefer teasing at around 21 days. This is probably a good estimate for me. Your mileage may vary. My frustration seems to peak at 5 days. I will be able to have a good, juicy orgasm at 4 days. So, again just as a hypothetical example, my waits should be between 5 and 21 days. That is the “sweet spot” for me at this point in my life.

One mistake some keyholders make is to make interval between orgasms the same each time. The male body is good at sexual adaptation, so your male’s wait times should vary randomly. That makes it much more difficult for his body to successfully manage his frustration. You are assured his attention and obedience will remain high with random wait times. Because the optimum longest wait for me is (hypothetically) 21 days, it doesn’t mean that I can’t get longer waits, or for that matter, shorter waits than 5 days. If I am made to wait 30 days or more a few times a year, I may lose my edge or not want orgasm so badly those times, but since my usual wait is shorter, I won’t “learn” to manage waits that long. Similarly, if Mrs. Lion gets me off after only a day or two sometimes, no damage will be done.

The essence of enforced male chastity is control. This control is exercised by managing the wait between orgasms and the teasing and other play the caged male receives. As the new keyholder gains experience, she will learn to read her male’s frustration levels and appropriately act to maximize his desperation for her to give him relief.