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There are a nearly endless number of ways to practice enforced chastity. No particular way is more correct than another. In fact most of the mail we get asks about sizes of one sort or another. One of the most confusing measurements seems to be length of wait. Just how long do you have to wait before you get your enforced chastity merit badge? Is it a week? Two weeks? A month? A year? The rest of your life? Are you a wimp if you need an orgasm more often than once a month?

I’ve come to realize that the actual number, how much time between orgasms, is one of the least important aspects of male chastity. At least for me, enforced chastity is about surrender. I have willingly turned over all rights to my penis to my wonderful wife, Mrs. Lion. That means she can give or withhold orgasms, even erections, as long as she wants. I spend my time locked in a device that only she can open. My penis and my sexual pleasure are hers and hers alone.

So, in order to assert that control does she need to engage in an escalating process of making me wait for ever-increasing periods of time? If she gives me an orgasm once a week, is she somehow giving in to me and letting me manage her control of my orgasms? Apparently a lot of guys think that way. Orgasm control is not the same as denial. Her power lies in her ability to decide exactly when and how I will enjoy sexual stimulation, not how often I get it.

It seems to me that some people use enforced chastity as a way of avoiding too frequent sexual contact. There’s nothing wrong with that. At least it makes something that might have been considered a problem into fun. My enforced chastity is less about how long then it is about how much. I feel Mrs. Lion’s control because she stimulates me (edging mostly) almost every day. After five days I am climbing the walls. After two or three weeks I stop caring very much whether or not I will come. Yes, the continued teasing keeps me ready, but there is a mental volume control that lets me enjoy the edging but keeps the desperation level at a tolerable volume.

I think that the most important consideration when picking length of wait is that it is always 100 percent clear to the caged male that his sex life is never business as usual. There is no way I can even pretend that I have any control at all when Mrs. Lion takes my cage off and then edges me over and over. Each time I want to come. I start bucking like a bronco trying to get that extra tiny bit of stimulation that will take me over the edge. I can’t. Then, when she is done, back I go into the device. No fuss, no muss, no pity. It really doesn’t matter when she will finally get me off. I don’t think of that when she is teasing me. I do, of course, anticipate the day she has set. I’ll admit that if I have been waiting more than a week, I spend more time thinking about that joyous release than I do after three or four days. The fact that she varies my wait from just a few days to three or more weeks keeps me off balance.

You see, if the waits are similar in length, the body gets used to the wait. That’s a coping mechanism that most creatures display when it comes to gratification. Train a lion that he will come every three days and then wait a week, his sexual balance will be disrupted. I never get to have sexual balance. Mrs. Lion constantly varies my wait. She tells me when my next orgasm will be, but that doesn’t help the reptilian part of my mind that’s in charge of sexual need.

The result of this lack of routine is that I am never more than a brief thought away from conscious knowledge that my lioness owns my sexuality. This is why I say that length (of wait) doesn’t really matter all that much. It is continual demonstration of control that counts. Mrs. Lion does it by never letting me get used to how long I have to wait. It works extremely well. Oh boy does it! I am trying to get hard now just thinking about tonight’s edging. It’s been three days and my “interest” curve is climbing sharply.


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    Have you ever done prostate massage milking while locked?

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      No, we’ve done very little with prostate stimulation. I think Mrs Lion has a to-do for this.

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