Can’t Wait!

birthday cake
Last night was my homemade birthday dinner. Mrs. Lion ended it with a delicious rum cake from a great Italian bakery in the city.

It’s Friday and I am just home from work. The house smells glorious! Mrs. Lion’s oso buco is about a half hour from my tummy. Oh boy! I’m scheduled to have an orgasm tonight too. But as she wrote, we may be too stuffed after dinner and birthday cake to give me that orgasm. I’m fine if we wait. A lion can only take so much in one evening. Mrs. Lion gave me tickets for us to see a comedian we both enjoyed on TV this summer. The tickets are for a club. We’ll have to research about it. As you know, we aren’t exactly social lions so we will need to do some research to avoid any surprises. The tickets are for December. We have time to work things out.

Last night (Thursday, if you’re keeping track), Mrs. Lion gave me some “just because I can” swats. In her post, she said that they weren’t as hard as full-on punishment swats. They felt very painful to me. Less than an hour later I got some punishment swats for eating ice cream before her. I have to remember to be more observant. I know she thinks I want spankings. I suppose I do in an abstract sense. The idea of the spanking is still exciting, but the reality is something I dread.

I’m not very good at taking punishment. I squirm, scream into the pillow, and when it gets very intense I start to roll over. Mrs. Lion almost never restrains me for punishment and I am not doing very well at submitting. It seems to me that I should be able to hold still no matter how much it hurts, but I just can’t do it. Is this because punishment spankings are fairly new in my life? As I submit to more and more will I learn to hold still? I guess it’s possible. When I squirm, Mrs. Lion says she gives me extra swats. It might help me learn if she would say during the spanking that I would have been done had I not tried to get away before she gives me the extra swats. That way, it might make an impression on me that I could have avoided some of the pain had I been in better control. I have no experience with this, but I imagine that holding still when it hurts is a learned skill. If that’s true, the only way I will become proficient is to receive a lot more painful spankings. Judging by the two videos we have on this site, it looks like it is possible to hold still for much worse than I get. I can’t be that much of a wimp. Or can I?

The smell of dinner cooking is driving me mad. I’m sure that Mrs. Lion will give you a full account of the evening’s festivity in her post tomorrow afternoon. I will also give my side of the story tomorrow morning. This is shaping up to be the best birthday weekend ever!

Dinner was great. We waited an hour and then dug into the birthday cake. The dog got her little piece too. At around 11pm the food had a chance to digest, at to my surprise I was wide awake and horny. We snuggled for a while with Mrs. Lions rubbing my balls. She  unlocked me after a while and did some non-edging teasing. I was ready to go. She moved between my legs and gave me a mind-blowing oral orgasm. I got my birthday fireworks after all. She locked me up as soon as I calmed down. I went to sleep a very contented lion. I’m up again at 6:30am. I didn’t wake up to finish this post, honest! I’m not that compulsive. But here I am in my home office finishing my birthday story. It’s still dark out and I can hear a gentle rain pattering on the trees. The birds must be asleep. The rain is the only outdoor sound. Our faithful dog decided it was too early for her and she is snoozing under the bed; Mrs. lion is snoozing on top of it. It’s nice to be wrapped in the soft blanket of rainy darkness. It feels like I am the only creature awake. When Mrs. Lion wakes up, I’m getting a birthday pancake breakfast. If I get lonely, maybe I will cook it and the smell will wake her up. Mean lion. No, I won’t do that. I could try snoozing instead. Happy Saturday!