I am not the most alert wife. I miss opportunities to correct Lion. He can go weeks without anything on his punishment list. To counteract that, I instituted maintenance spanking night. At least he’ll get some swats. Yesterday when he reminded me about punishment night, he asked if there was anything on his list. He didn’t have anything. Again. But, in a stroke of genius (if I do say so myself), I told him he’d be getting “just because” swats. I’m sure I missed something along the way or he annoyed me and I let it go. Therefore, he should get some sort of punishment. This, of course, also comes on the heels of his saying I should be more interested.

Last night I became interested in his buns with a lot of not-so-hard swats. Lion felt the need to move so he got a few more tacked on. They may not have been very hard, by punishment swat standards, but they were delivered with a nasty paddle. His butt was nice and rosy. He complained a little bit but not enough to warrant more swats. However, he did eat dessert before I did. Uh oh. It was still punishment night. More swats. Only four this time, with the same paddle, but harder because they were actual punishment swats and not “just because” swats.

When we finally started playing, I told him I’d decided that this weekend would be a special birthday weekend with special play. He may get his orgasm tonight, but that doesn’t mean he can’t have more fun on Saturday and Sunday. I didn’t tell him what exactly, mostly because I don’t know yet. I did allude to a birthday spanking at some point. And a pinch to grow an inch. Maybe that will be a bite instead of a pinch. It’s been a while since I left teeth marks on his cute tush.