Safe and Sound

I have a wild Lion. After we played last night I decided to leave him unlocked. I don’t know why. It just seemed like the thing to do at the time. I know I have some manscaping to do, but I can easily unlock him for that. I guess I just wanted to give him some time off for good behavior.

His orgasm is scheduled for Monday night. Since he starts his new job Monday, I am considering giving him the orgasm Sunday night instead of making him wait. I’m thinking maybe he’ll be more relaxed if he’s not a horny boy. And I’m also wondering if the new job with a new commute will wipe him out for any play time Monday night. It has been a while since he’s had to work a full day and deal with a commute that could stretch to an hour or more each way. It will take some getting used to.

I may be wrong. Lion may be rejuvenated by working. He may come bounding in the door ready for anything. In that case, an orgasm Sunday night won’t hurt anyway. He’ll just have more energy to play. It will be punishment night although he has nothing on his list at the moment. I’m sure I can find something if I just pay attention hard enough. He’s not perfect. He doesn’t need energy to be punished, but it’s easier for me to punish him if he’s not tired or worried or down.

Later today I will do the manscaping and maybe play with him a bit. It’s so tempting when I’m pulling on his balls to shave him and Mr. Weenie is usually hard and requesting attention. If nothing else I usually give him a quick suck and a few tugs. Maybe today he’ll get edged right then and there. I’m sure he won’t argue with that timing. I’ll have him clean the cage and then he can be locked up again. Safe and sound. And he’ll just have fond memories of being a wild Lion.

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    Don’t “jump the gun.” Keep to the schedule.

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