Managing Expectations

My first thought, when I realized that Lion was upset that I hadn’t played with him as promised the other night, was that I just won’t promise anything anymore. But what fun is that? Actually, I’m usually more careful. I usually say maybe we’ll do this or maybe we’ll do that. I don’t know if that registers in his mind as a definite or as a maybe. I know the more pertinent point is that we (I) need to communicate more effectively. I will work on that. And I will also go back to saying maybe.

This morning, Lion reported waking up trying to get hard in his cage. I told him he was probably dreaming about the vibrator. He laughed. He must be back to normal now. A job can do wonders. When he played last night he was hard almost immediately. I got him so close to the edge a few times I thought he would spontaneously combust. Initially I was going to use a butt plug but he said it hurt a little just with my fingers. I didn’t want to let him off the hook that easily so I got more lube and just worked in two fingers. He winced at the movement so I just wiggled them a little. I also thought I was massaging his prostate but he said he couldn’t feel it. Oh, well. More practice is needed.

I also switched things up a little when I did his maintenance swats after we played. In the beginning I said I would do them early and then we’d play later. That way he wouldn’t confuse punishment or maintenance with play. Unfortunately, more often that not I’d forget to do them till it was near play time or I’d forget to do them altogether. Last night we played earlier and I decided to wait for the swats. He wasn’t happy when he saw the paddle. Poor thing.

I have also decided to add a punishment to the list for Monday. I was telling Lion about a new person at work and he interrupted me. I shot him a look and continued talking. I should have made him pull the car over right then and whomped him in traffic. Instead, he will get swats for his transgression. He won’t like them at all. And that’s a promise.

I have also decided that Lion will be punished when he buries his face in his cell phone. When I am playing on my iPad I’m usually still paying attention to what’s happening around me. He can ask me a question and I will respond. If he’s looking at something on his cell phone, he is gone. This is especially annoying when I’m driving and ask which way I should be turning or if I’m pointing something out to him. By the time he realizes I’m talking to him it’s too late. Or, worse yet, he says the same thing I just said. I’m tempted to ask him questions just to have him absently agree to things he wouldn’t ordinarily agree with. Can we get another dog? Uh-huh. So you’ll eat raisin bran tomorrow morning? Uh-huh. Can I invite a guy into the bedroom with us? Uh-huh. It could be very amusing. To me, at least.

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    It’s a stretch for me to reach the prostate easily. My fingers aren’t terribly long so I need to really push against the flesh on the outside with the fingers that aren’t going in. I usually use my middle finger since it’s longest. It kinda depends on how fleshy his derriere is and, also, where his prostate is. I’m sure when you reach it and find the right pressure and motion he’ll let you know (moan).

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