Four Fingers

lion's ass
This is Lion’s virginal butt. I never thought I would be able to get four fingers inside.

To my surprise, I was able to get four fingers in Lion last night. I had a glove on and I used the new lube. I started with two and moved right on up to four in no time. And, aside from his dislike of my wiggling my fingers, Lion had no trouble.

Of course, about an hour later, Lion said I should set up a chair so I can be more comfortable. I guess he thought I stopped because I was tired or sore. Actually, I stopped because I didn’t know what else to do. I’d gotten more fingers in than I thought I would. I’d moved them in and out a lot. I’d wiggled my fingers despite (or maybe because of) his objections. I didn’t have anything else to do.

According to Lion, getting him ready for fisting should take fifteen to thirty minutes each time. I will need a chair. I’ll need ideas. What do I do when I get to the point that I wanted to achieve? For that matter, what do I do when I get my whole hand in? I mean, I know I move it around, but for how long? I know it might turn Lion on but I don’t see myself being able to jerk him off and fist him at the same time. And he’s not allowed to jerk himself off.

fisting hand
This isn’t Lion, but it is what I did last night!

I guess the easy answer is that I didn’t plan on what I was going to do. Last night I didn’t want to push him beyond four fingers, but maybe I should have. If I had gotten my thumb in, maybe I could have gotten my whole hand in. While that might be somewhat anticlimactic, I would have achieved the ultimate goal. And then what?

Lion showed me some fisting movies last night. For the first time, I think we might actually be able to do this. Not because of the movies. This lube Lion found is amazing. With just a little bit, I got four fingers in him. Of course, Lion has been relaxing more. It’s a lot easier to move when you don’t have muscles clamping down on your hand. And, because he’s relaxing, it isn’t hurting him as much.

I’m not sure what tonight will bring. More fingers? More movement? More time? I don’t know, but I do know we’re on our way.