Lion is definitely not broken. I wasn’t going to edge him last night, but the second I touched him he jumped to attention. He’s a horny boy. He was very close to whimpering last night. The poor boy. I’m so mean to him sometimes.

We were talking yesterday about his bonus orgasm. My original plan was to wait until he actually started his new job. The problem is, that’s the date of his next scheduled orgasm. What kind of a bonus is that? So then my idea was to wait until he got used to the idea of having a job. If last night is any indication, he’s already used to the idea. But he wasn’t going to get one last night since tonight is his night.

Lion now has an embarrassment of riches. He’ll get three orgasms in the next two weeks. It’s not really an extreme amount considering his average of an orgasm every ten days or so. He has his two scheduled orgasms. The only thing he knows about the bonus is that it will happen sometime between tonight and the 21st. Should I let him decide? I don’t think so. If he wants to decide when his orgasm will be he has coupons for that. He’s reluctant to use them. So it’s up to me.

I know Lion will have fun in the next few weeks. I will too. I love giving him orgasms almost as much as he loves getting them. It’s fun for me to edge him and torture him before finally putting him out of his misery. I also love the silly smile on his face afterwards. And he’s usually out of breath and wiped out. But the best part, to me, is the cream filling. He hates to eat it, but I love it. That’s my bonus.

So in the next few weeks we’ll both be lucky. Lots of play. Lots of Lion cum. Win-win-win.