Why Is It Better For Her Now?

Sunday night we had a short conversation about my post yesterday. I mentioned that our adoption of enforced chastity rejuvenated our sex lives. When we were first going together and Mrs. Lion began trying some spanking and other kinks, she said she was worried she would get bored with it all. She didn’t, thank goodness. I asked her if it had turned out boring. She surprised me by saying that it did and that was why we stopped having sex. We had arrived at a stalemate. I wouldn’t have labeled it “boredom” but the net result was no sex.  We’ve both written about that before.

I asked her why our present arrangement was more interesting for her. She still isn’t getting sex; she doesn’t want any. She spends a lot of time and effort teasing me and providing other sexual entertainment. Certainly, it is a lot more than in the past decade. I am confused. Nothing has changed in terms of the sexual satisfaction she gets. Her libido is sleeping and she isn’t interested in anything for her. So, what’s different? I admit that I am confused. I’m also not looking a gift horse in the mouth.

The most confusing aspect of this for me is that Mrs. Lion isn’t really interested in power. She has repeatedly said that she doesn’t like being in charge. So, I am not at all sure why all the extra work that enforced chastity entails is better than before we started. There is no question that things are better now than they have been in a decade. Perhaps I shouldn’t wonder why it is better, but I can’t help it.

It’s better for me because some basic needs of mine, including sex, are being met. Mrs. Lion has become a very good keyholder and is well on the way to becoming a gold-star, disciplinary wife. I’m very grateful and happy with the changes. I just worry about what she gets out of this. I hope that she will want more orgasms soon. If she likes them (a real question), there is something in it for her. I’m not worried she will quit. I am concerned that she gets something out of it. I feel selfish with things as they are now. I also have no idea why enforced chastity and domestic discipline is somehow better for her than when we did nothing. Inquiring lions want to know.

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    Another deep background message to both of you. I understand why she gets off on your orgasms. Regardless of whether you get off with her, you are thankful for her smile as she does her thing and gets you off or gets off on you. That is a kick for her. I know because I sometimes filled her role with my wife. Sometimes it is your job to say thank you. Other times it might be hers. In both cases, it cannot be beat by anything else you could possibly say. Your eyes and body answer the question. And nobody counts the score.

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