No Time Like the Present

Boy Butter package
This is the best lube we have used. It is perfect for anal play and cleans up easily.

We had a nice weekend. We got a lot of chores done and, of course, Lion got his orgasm. It was a rainy weekend so we couldn’t do any outdoorsy stuff. Originally we planned to be away, but Lion had an interview Friday. It’s just as well since many of the campgrounds near where we planned to be got horrible rain and wind. Some even had to close. Next weekend is our last trip of the season.

Lion is worried about getting our massive trailer back off the lawn after all the rain. And he’s worried about the weather where we’ll be next weekend. It’s not supposed to rain but it might be chilly at night. The forecast calls for one night possibly in the 30s and the others in the mid to upper 40s. We have heat so I’m not so worried. Besides, we can snuggle together to conserve heat.

We’re playing another waiting game for news about a job for Lion. He got encouraging feedback on Friday. I guess waiting for what we perceive as good news is better than waiting to hear if he will actually get an interview. It’s still waiting. And still nerve-wracking. But we’re optimistic.

We didn’t play last night. Initially Lion said he wasn’t very horny. It makes sense since he just had an orgasm. But by bedtime he was horny. Too late! He didn’t want to play anyway. He was just giving the Lion weather report. I’ll unlock him tonight and make him a little more horny. He might get a little more play than just edging. I’ve had my eye on the butt plug currently residing next to my sink in the bathroom. It’s conveniently located next to the Boy Butter. One stop shopping. We haven’t done anal play in a while. No time like the present.