Magic Wand

Lion has always maintained that a vibrator would not work on him. I was surprised when he wanted to try one. It arrived yesterday and I decided we needed to take it on a test run.

Not knowing what I was doing, we tried it with the cage on. Lion guided me until I found the spot that worked. He was instantly hard in his cage. When I unlocked him he was very hard. Perhaps the hardest I’ve ever seen him. But how can this be? Vibrators don’t work on Lion.

Clearly Lion hadn’t used the correct vibrator in the past. This Magic Wand is very effective. Once he calmed down so he could get his ring off, I started in with the vibrator again. I’m not sure why it surprised me that he got so hard so quickly. And once I found that spot again he had an orgasm within a minute or two.

We were both surprised that he came so quickly. He said he had given me fair warning. I was just experimenting with my new toy. I’m not sorry he came. How can I know the effects of the vibrator if I don’t experiment? How do I know how far to push him if I don’t push him too far? I had it all under control. Besides, vibrators don’t work on Lion.

I’ve been thinking about Lion’s post for a while, trying to come up with why things got boring to me and why they’re different now. Without sounding sanctimonious, I think I realized it’s not all about me. Yes, it may have started out with his inability to initiate and he wasn’t doing anything for me so I wasn’t going to do anything for him. The WIIFM (What’s In It For Me) was a big problem. Eventually I didn’t care about sex at all. Once we started chastity and worked through the WIIFM I came to my aha moment. Withholding sex was childish. In my mind I hadn’t really considered it withholding sex anyway. It was more of a quid pro quo thing. Wasn’t Lion withholding sex from me by not initiating? Therefore, I was clearly in the right by not initiating with him. Yup. Childish.

The bottom line is that I love Lion more than anything. Why would I want to hurt him by withholding sex? Why wouldn’t I want to do everything I can to make him happy? What difference does it make that I don’t want sex for myself? If he needs something and I can do it, then I will do it. There are things I may not like to do, so I won’t do them often. There may be things that I don’t want to do at all. There has to be some compromise. That’s what adults do.

I may lapse back into childhood from time to time. Lion does too. He has his toddler moments. But overall I think we’ve grown up a lot since starting enforced chastity. I think that’s why it’s not boring.

[Lion — I still feel very guilty that I can’t get Mrs. Lion’s motor running again. Maybe my inability to initiate all this time hurt her permanently. I love giving her orgasms and I feel very sad she can’t enjoy them.]