Lion Fun

Lion got lots of attention yesterday. Before he went in for a shower, I unlocked him and did the manscaping. He was very furry. Naturally, Mr. Weenie sprang to attention and needed some strokes and a few sucks. And naturally, after getting him nice and hard, I had Lion roll over onto his tummy so I could manscape the backside. I do that on purpose, of course. It’s fun to watch him try to get his erection out of the way. When I was done I left him wild. It may have been a mistake to leave such a horny boy wild during a shower, but I know Lion won’t cheat. Besides, it was his night to come and I had plans for him.

It’s been a long time since Lion had a nice, long spanking. I’m not talking about a punishment spanking. I mean a play spanking that starts out slow and builds to nice, rosy buns. I did it mostly with my hand. And I did bite him a few times. He had some teeth marks on his pink cheeks. He’d forgotten about asking me to do that. All in all I think he enjoyed his spanking. He was sore and a little hot. And ready for the main course.

I told him I wanted him to beg for his orgasm. Well, he didn’t really wind up begging, but toward the end I don’t think he could form any sentences. I edged him quite a few times with my hands before I began with my mouth. Between licking and sucking he was very close. When I finally stopped and asked if he wanted to come, all he could do was whisper yes. Within a few seconds he was done.

One of the benefits of playing with him for so long is that he generates some pre-cum. I love these little appetizers. Another benefit is that when he does finally orgasm, he produces a lot. Yum! We both love when he comes. I’m sure it could be argued that he loves it more, but I am a very close second. Sometimes he gets a silly grin on his face afterwards. He’s such a happy boy.

His next wait is about ten days again. Of course, if he gets a job he gets a bonus orgasm. He’s got two prospects now. What happens if he gets two job offers? Hmmm…maybe two orgasms? We’ll have to cross that bridge if we come to it. Right now it’s just fun to believe the end of our financial troubles are in sight.