Yesterday in her post, Mrs. Lion discussed a new opportunity to train me. I think it is particularly noteworthy. Let me explain. When I am under a lot of stress I can find myself being defensive and a little paranoid. Stress has been severe and continuous for the last six months. I won’t retell the details, but if you’ve been following us, you know that I’ve been out of work.  I’m not excusing myself, just explaining. As she wrote, I growled at the event organizer for not informing us that he changed event plans. As a result, we missed one event I was anticipating. I let him know that he should consider all participants, not just the ones he hangs out with.

This confrontation embarrassed Mrs. Lion. Later, she quietly and sweetly explained what was bothering her. She was right. I reacted disproportionally. I promised to do better. I was a little surprised when her post was about this very subject. She decided that domestic discipline is a perfect way to assure I will learn to keep my growls to myself. Not that it matters, but I approve this decision. My concern is that she is a very laid back lioness and may have difficulty monitoring and punishing future transgressions. That, of course, is where the rubber meets the road.

Training me out of this sort of behavior, while a good idea, will be much more difficult for her. The other things that earn me punishment aren’t highly emotionally loaded like this one. I’m very unlikely to self report. It’s emotional for me to start, and I usually believe with all my heart that I am in the right. That means for this to work, Mrs. Lion will have to carry the disciplinary ball. She will not only have to notice my infraction, but she will have to call me out for it (very difficult for her to do) as well as punish me. In the context of FLM and domestic discipline, this particular infraction is a perfect example of the sort of correction that serious practitioners of domestic discipline correct.

Before reading her post, I had no idea that she was going to do more than have that gentle talk. I’m proud of her bravery to take on this first, serious domestic punishment. I don’t know if she plans on spanking me today for that infraction. She didn’t tell me or mention it in her post.

This latest decision moves things to a new level. Domestic discipline has moved from a kind of game that gave us both experience with the power exchange, to a serious behavioral modification program with very painful consequences. Another feature of this new level might be punishment without warning. Mrs. Lion thinks it is unfair to penalize me if I am unaware of the rule I have broken. I agree. But when it comes to more serious behavioral issues, like the one she mentioned, scolding and punishment make more sense than an initial warning. I really should have known better. I understand that and as I have become better trained in FLM, I realize that warnings aren’t necessary. They are discretionary.

In case you wonder, I am not very happy with this intensification of my domestic discipline. It is far more “real life” and much less a game. I’m not naturally submissive. As Mrs. Lion becomes more dominant, I know I will find myse;f with a sore rump many times before I truly learn.

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