A New Training Opportunity

I knew Lion wasn’t broken. He’s been under a lot of pressure lately. This trip didn’t start out so well. He let minor things get to him. There were a few repairs to do. And, two days later, he’s still letting little things get to him.

We are very different. He is upset by clutter. I can live in a mess. He frustrates easily when things break. I see it as the way things go. He gets upset when plans change. I know stuff happens.

Last night we talked about how I feel when he launches into what I call attack mode. Somebody does something Lion doesn’t like and he goes off full bore. I suggested he could get his point accross in a less threatening way. You can catch more flies with honey… In the overall scheme of things, is this one thing really a big deal? So now I have a training opportunity. Rather than allow myself to shut down, I will correct this behavior. My first step was talking it out with him last night.

I know it’s about time. I know it’s just a baby step, but I was pretty mad at him Friday night for his first outburst. By last night I was mad at both of us. Him for doing it and myself for allowing it to happen again. I need to train him to be a warmer, fuzzier Lion, especially when we’re among friends. At work he can growl and bare his teeth all he wants. I know he needs to be intimidating then. But it’s tough enough for me to be in a social setting without his “help”.

From now on he’ll be punished for this transgression. I’m not sure if it will be an immediate punishment or if it will be added to his list, but it will be noted at the time.