But I can never stay mad for long. Once we talked about his new training, I had another task for him. I figured he would balk at it and I wasn’t sure how far I wanted to push it. I wanted him to apologize for getting so upset at the event organizer. If he refused I was going to do it on his behalf. Luckily, he was a good boy and apologized. He didn’t necessarily like it, but he did it anyway. I appreciate that.

I’m sure you’ve noticed how often I say there’s nothing I want to change about Lion, and then something like this happens. I guess I have the memory of a goldfish. Oh look, a castle and then five seconds later oh look, a castle. Forgive me.

Another possibility is that, rather than beer goggles, which make people more attractive the more beer you drink, perhaps I have Lion goggles. Because I see so much good, I forget the rare bad. At any rate, things are back to normal again. We meet up with the same crew next weekend and, if Lion knows what’s good for him, things will go more smoothly.

Things went very smoothly for Lion yesterday afternoon. We played early again and I was able to edge him a few times. It was his scheduled orgasm day, and I suppose I could have delayed it based on his behavior, but I didn’t. When I was ready for his orgasm, I surprised him by riding him. The worst part about that is in the camper there are mirrors on the closet doors. Catching a glimpse of fat me riding him was not flattering at all. However, I kept going and soon he whispered that he was going to come. Wonderful! I love when he comes inside me. I love when he comes anywhere, but inside me is his favorite. Oddly enough, I think my favorite is oral. I love the way he tastes.

So Lion is a happy boy today. I don’t know if he dwells on his next orgasm or not. Maybe not at this point at least. When he’s nice and horny again he might. Then again, I don’t usually make him wait very long.

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