The Secret Of Ruined Orgasms

This weekend we will be making an unexpected trip to join Mrs. Lion’s daughter. This is very exciting for my lioness. She’s been unable to cross the country to see her kids for a couple of years. It’s nice to see her so excited. My libido is gone again. It’s worry, I’m sure. However, Wednesday night I did have a ruined orgasm. Each time I experience a ruined orgasm, I immediately lose my erection. Mrs. Lion and I assume that means I am done for a while. It certainly feels that way to me. However, I keep reading that guys have four or more ruined orgasms in a row. I wonder if I can too.

My reaction after I get the feeling I am over the edge and Mrs. Lion stops stimulating me is a bunch of spasms. Usually, no semen appears just then. A few seconds later I wilt. At that point some semen drips out. If Mrs. Lion stops right after I cross that point of no return, there is very little liquid. As I get soft, my interest in more sex drifts away. What is the secret of multiple ruined orgasms? What are we missing?

Edging, on the other hand, doesn’t result in loss of erection. I may lose a bit of the almost-painful hardness, but I am at attention and ready for more. I expected a similar reaction to ruined orgasms. One of my online friends suggested that there is a technique involving waiting that allows multiples. What is her secret? Is there something I have to do?

Of course I truly dislike ruined orgasms. But the masochist in me wants to experience multiples. Edging isn’t a great deal of fun either, but it is way less frustrating. Orgasm control is a powerful form of domination. It doesn’t require a chastity device, though I like the continual reminder of who’s in charge that it provides. In a way, the chastity device is my fetish, but the orgasm control is all hers. Beyond the aesthetics of seeing me locked up, the device has no real effect on my lioness. However, I think she probably feels a sense of power controlling my most primal force. In a very real sense the ruined orgasm is the ultimate expression of this control. It takes my seed and at the same time reminds me of the pleasure I can’t have. That’s the ultimate in orgasm control.


  1. Author

    I’ll try to help, but I imagine that each person is different. When I feel Snake going over the top, I stop immediately. He drips (or not if there have been several) and I don’t wait more than 15 seconds or so before I start again.

    We’ve gotten to 8 so far using this method. I know that if I wait too long he loses his erection and then I have to wait a while before I can start again. Hope that helps!

    1. Author

      Thanks! That’s very helpful. Mrs. Lion tends to let me get completely soft. I’m sure she will try your method next time she decides she wants to ruin orgasms for me.

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