Today I’m a little excited. My ex and my daughter are heading cross-country and I’ll get to see them. Well, her, I don’t care about him. It’s been a few years since we’ve seen each other. Airfare being high, school and work schedules, our camping trips, all managed to keep me on the west coast and them on the east coast. They’ve decided to get in their RV and head out. I have few details about when they’ll get here or where they’ll be exactly. Last time they headed this way I drove seven hours each way to be able to see them (my younger son was along for that trip). While I’m not looking forward to another trip like that, I would do it in a heartbeat if a seven hour drive was all that kept me from seeing her again.

Lion is used to being the only “child” in the house. In the past, he’s acted a bit like a toddler when my kids came to visit. I didn’t pay enough attention to him and he got grumpy. Fair warning, my pet, I will not tolerate grumpiness, especially when she’s only going to be in the area for a short time. Of course she will get my full attention. He gets my attention all the time. I think he’ll manage for a few days.

Yesterday I realized that our spare bedroom is a disaster. Well, it didn’t just happen yesterday, of course. It’s sort of our junk room and catchall. Whatever we don’t know what to do with winds up in there. Needless to say, the bed is under a pile of crap. I started to clean it last night. There are toys everywhere. They’ll need to be squirreled away. Lion offered to help today, but I told him between tonight and tomorrow I’ll have it done. As I said, I’m not even sure she’s staying with us. I may need to go to her. This morning I think Lion has started cleaning. He admits he’s not very good at finding places for things that don’t have homes. That extra comforter, the extra towels for the camper, pillows, etc. I’m not really even sure what all is in the pile. It’s sort of a treasure hunt.

Lion will definitely get a reward for tackling the room. I’m not sure how much he’ll get done, but any help is appreciated and I know how difficult it is for him to do. When we moved he told me he was horrible at packing an unpacking. Holy cow! He wasn’t kidding! He had trouble putting things away in his own home office. I figured he should at least be able to put pens and pencils away. Nope. So I definitely know how difficult this is for him. Since he hasn’t been super horny lately, and I gave him a ruined orgasm by accident last night, I don’t know what the reward will be but I’ll come up with something special for him.

He also changed the beds in the house and camper yesterday, and washed all the sheets and towels. He was a busy boy. He needs a few rewards. Maybe some time in the sling. When he made the bed in the camper he installed his restraints. I think he needs some time in those restraints. I can do that whether he’s horny or not. That will give him something to look forward to for the next trip.

Tonight is punishment night and he’s gone a few times without any punishments. I thought I had him the other night for forgetting to remind me of maintenance spanking night, but it was me who forgot. He’d told me in his first email to me that morning. Silly Mrs. Lion. Of course, then I forgot to give him the maintenance swats for the second time in a row. Maybe I should get some sort of punishment for being forgetful.