Razor’s Edge: The Fine Points Of Ruined Orgasms

Sunday night Mrs. Lion did routine manscaping (removing all pubic and butt hair) and decided to have some fun as well. She hinted that she might be doing more than maintenance in her post Sunday afternoon. Well, she certainly kept her word!

Mrs. Lion has been perfecting her edging technique by pushing me closer and closer to orgasm. Last night we may have barely crossed the line. After a couple of very frustratingly close tries, she pushed a bit further. At first I thought she has gone as far as she could go with tease and deny, but I now think it was a ruined orgasm. My past experience with ruined orgasm generally results in substantial semen production and loss of erection and interest.

This time it was different. I did produce a few drops that Mrs. Lion believed was pre-cum. However, it was much thicker and I am pretty sure it was semen. I remained hard but when Mrs. Lion started stimulating me again, I didn’t immediately feel excitement build as I usually do. After a bit, she asked if I was broken. She was referring to what happens to many males if they are edged over and over for a long time; they lose the ability to orgasm for a while. I said that I didn’t think so, but something was happening.

So, she continued stimulating me. After a while I felt the excitement build again. Once more, Mrs. Lion waited until she thought I was about to come. It was massively frustrating when she stopped. However, again semen appeared and my interest in doing it again vanished. I still had an erection and probably could have repeated the performance as before, but Mrs. Lion stopped her stimulation. Over the next few minutes more semen dripped out.

The appearance of semen — and I’m sure it is semen since she fed some to me — makes what happened a ruined orgasm. Unlike previous ruined orgasm experiences, this time she hit just the right point that provided maximum frustration and allowed her to repeat the activity again. I think that ruined orgasms are self-limiting. Unlike edging, which can go on for hours, I am very sure that under perfect conditions I can’t have more than a small number of ruined orgasms. Last night proved I can get two. I would doubt I could top three.

There is a big difference between the bigger, lion-can-only-have-one, ruined orgasms and what happened last night. The earlier ruined orgasms were much more like full orgasms to me. I didn’t get the complete satisfaction, but enough happened to allow a full ejaculation. I lost my erection and for a while, wasn’t horny. It was effective. The actual experience had me crash before I could feel satisfaction, and my desire for sex was much stronger a few hours later.

However, Monday’s experience was devastating. My arousal grew to a level that made me sure I couldn’t control coming. When Mrs. Lion stopped stimulating me, it was even more frustrating than the bigger ruined orgasm. For a few moments after I calmed down and Mrs. Lion resumed stimulation, I wanted her to stop. Of course she didn’t. After a bit, I couldn’t help myself from repeating the extreme arousal and when she stopped I crashed again and semen appeared. This time she didn’t repeat her stimulation. I was glad she didn’t.

Well, now in the cold light of day, I’m not so sure she should have stopped. Maybe it would be better to keep repeating until I lost my erection and she couldn’t bring it back. I would like to experience that. It could turn out to be something else I love to hate. All night and even now at my desk, I get a chubby thinking about that night. How can something so frustrating get me aroused now? I am a strange critter, indeed. Thank you, Mrs. Lion for teaching me something new. She is a great keyholder!