All my hard work giving Lion ruined orgasms was for naught. Unless you look at it from the point of view that I got so good at it that I can no longer just edge him. In that case, my experiment was a success!

Lion took last night’s punishment well. I gave him six hard swats and he only moved at the end. What a good boy. A little while later I asked if he was horny. He has a theory that a ruined orgasm takes some of the pressure off. He said he wasn’t particularly horny, but he was sure I could fix that. I was willing to give it a try.

Unfortunately, after Mr. Weenie got hard I gave him another unintentional ruined orgasm. I’ve lost my edging touch. I mean I had it the other night. I successfully edged him a few times before the ruined orgasm with my mouth. But last night we went right past the edge again. What the heck? I’m not sure if he changed something or if I did. Am I missing his signal? Is he not catching it in time? More research is needed.

There have been a few times that I knew I went too far, but it was orgasm night so I just kept going and finished him. Since Lion “complained” that I was giving him too many bonus orgasms, I’ve forced myself not to continue. If we decide that he shouldn’t know his orgasm date then it will be easy for me to cheat and finish off the ruined orgasm since he won’t know if he should have a full orgasm or not. But I think the short term effect is that I will be afraid to go so close for a while until I’m sure I won’t go too far.

I’m sure Lion won’t object to not getting so close to the edge as long as I still give him the attention he craves. He may not get as horny overall, but I still have the power to get him excited and that’s what matters.