What Would You Trade for an Orgasm?

Lion is a very horny boy. Last night when I unlocked him he practically shot the cage off in his rush to get hard. I stroked him a few times and then got down to the business at hand, clothes pins. As I put them on I’d stop to stroke him. My pattern was a few clothes pins, edge him, a few clothes pins, edge him. Then I started removing them. And edging.

I got him very close each time. He really, really wanted an orgasm. When I was done I told him I was very sorry but there was nothing I could do. He said there was. I could keep going. I had been reminding him how many days he had left to wait. He said every time I tease him it makes it worse. Naturally I had to tease him again for that remark. And I wondered what he would trade me for an orgasm at that moment. He said I could have anything. His car. Anything.

So now I have a new idea. What can Lion trade for a bonus orgasm? It has to be something good. Not flowers. Not making dinner. Not doing the laundry. Something special. I suggested a night that I control the remote and what we watch. And he’d have to remain silent. No comments about hating a show. And we’d watch my “little did she know” shows, as he calls them. The true crime shows. That would really be torture for him. Poor boy.

Not that he wouldn’t do anything for me at any time, but now he is really at my mercy. As soon as the cage is removed he’s instantly hard. Getting him back in the cage is no easy task either. Any time I touch him he tries to get hard. Very difficult to wedge him back in there. The other day I said I might need to get an ice cube to shrink him.

He’s got four more days to wait. Unless we come up with a suitable trade in the meantime. Start thinking, Lion.


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    I myself have what appears to be almost exact same lets say fetishes and kinks as Lion. Fantasies about chastity nappies panties but it all is has one major thing in common being forced to do it and I am fairy positive in the moment of torment he would love to agree to wear nappies for a few days early release. Its all about the scenario of the feeling of not having a choice and submission. Feel free to tell me I am way off but this is the way I would see it. My wife has a lot in common with yourself too with not being a naturally mean mistress etc Love your blog carry on the good work. I would love to know if you test my theory x

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