Monday night while I was being teased and at my most desperate, Mrs. Lion asked what I would trade for an orgasm. As she reported in her post, I said anything! Not the best time to ask me a question like that, as I am sure she knew. It was an interesting question. Coincidentally, I had been working with the tease and deny video and in it, the keyholder mentions that the caged male can’t have an orgasm because he made a trade (for intercourse, I think) and agreed to wait another week. That idea piqued my interest.

When Mrs. Lion asked me last night, I mentioned this. I said I might be willing to trade for extending my wait. She looked in her calendar and said I wouldn’t like that. Her idea was that I would have to wait until my next scheduled orgasm date. That didn’t cross my mind at the time, but I suppose it’s a good idea. Since I don’t know how long that wait will be, there is a big element of gambling there too.

Mrs. Lion’s idea of TV watching is something I will do without trading. I my mind, at least, the idea of a trade is “in kind”. That is, something sexual for getting something sexual. More waiting is one such thing. I’m sure there are others: diaper wearing, toenail painting, heaven knows what Mrs. Lion can come up with.

The concept of trading is very appealing to me. Unlike coupons, which are fun in a different way, trades make me “pay” for the pleasure I will get. That’s pretty cool. Of course, I assume that I can’t use coupons to reduce the impact of whatever it is I have to give away.

The reason I like this so much has nothing to do with getting that orgasm, or whatever other goodie I may be trading for. It’s a very exciting show of power by Mrs. Lion. At least to me it unmistakeably says that she has all the cards and I have to make a painful choice to get a bit of fun. How cool is that?