My road toy collection: [Top] Our bed restraints and my impact toys: punishment paddle, flogger, crop, strap, and wooden spoon [Center] Pinching toys [Bottom] Boy Butter anal lube, rope for cock and ball bondage, and a large dildo to go into lion where the sun doesn’t shine.
As I’ve said before, Lion and I have several road trips planned this summer. Since they are road trips we don’t have to worry about going through airport security. Lion can remain safely locked away in his cage. And the toys we take are only limited by what we want to carry with us. Trust me, you can fit a lot in a gym bag and it’s a lot more fun than going to the gym.

Previously I went shopping in our dungeon for our travel toys. I’d like to expand on that a little bit today. Each toy has it’s own feel and purpose. Some of them are homemade. Some of them were never meant for anything kinky. One of Lion’s favorite toy stores is the big box store, specifically the rope and chain aisle. We’ve found things in drug stores, kitchen stores, warehouse stores-almost any store can be a toy store.

The first thing I know I need (well, it’s actually Lion who needs it) is a punishment paddle. It’s shaped like a hairbrush and should do the job quite nicely. It’s small enough that it could fit in my bag in case there are any indiscretions while we’re out and about. But I probably won’t need it since he’ll also be wearing his shock collar.

For our “whomping” sessions I have chosen a flogger, a crop, a strap, a wooden spoon, and a paddle. The flogger is thuddy which means it doesn’t sting like the other items do. The strap is doubled so a split second after the first side hits, the other side hits. The wooden spoon has a decent amount of bulk to it and, used toward the end with single hard swats, will provide a lasting sensation and possibly a bruise or two. Just to remind Lion of me long after we’re finished.

I always make sure to have clothes pins. Regular, hang-your-clothes-out-to-dry wooden clothes pins. And I have modified a few with the sandpaper pieces so they have extra bite. The plastic clothes pins are nastier than that. The tiny clothes pins can bring Lion to tears. I use them on his cock. Nasty, nasty little things. I don’t use the industrial strength ones often. They are very difficult to take for any length of time. And, lastly, the wooden flowered clothes pins are not nasty at all. I just think Lion needs to be pretty sometimes.

Rope is very useful for play. While it can be used to tie wrists and feet, we have restraints for that purpose. Rope could cause damage and leave marks. No, the rope is for Lion’s cock and balls. I’ve done everything from tying a lasso around one ball and stretching it to his big toe to wrapping his balls and stretching them together to almost mummifying his cock. I’ve also captured his balls and tied them to a collar around his neck. Which reminds me, I’ve been meaning to find that collar again.

We have not done ass play in a while. Sometimes Lion can take a dildo right away and sometimes he needs to work his way up to it. There are some things I know I can push him to do and some things I can’t. Neither of us is fond of my jamming a dildo inside him when he’s not able to take it. I always go slow with dildos and butt plugs in the beginning. Once he’s warmed up, of course, he has no say in the matter. And you can’t have dildos and butt plugs without plenty of lube.Boy Butter works great.

I’d forgotten we had long strips of Velcro. I love wrapping Lion’s cock with Velcro and then once he’s hard I release it. The sudden rush of blood is somewhat painful. The longer strip means I can mummify his cock with that instead of the stacks of smaller Velcro. Or I can latch onto the smaller pieces with the longer piece and stretch him. So many possibilities.

I know I’ve probably forgotten a toy of two but this is a nice start. The good thing is that I can always supplement my collection either from home or any store we happen across in our travels. Sporting goods departments, hardware departments, housewares. They all have fun things in them to repurpose for play.