I was reading one of those “Ten Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life” articles this morning. Of course, there was nothing spicy about it, even if you compare it to a vanilla sex life. Compared to our sex life it was as spicy as tap water. Anyway, one of the suggestions was for the woman to initiate. It claimed that 80% of women do not initiate. I always wonder where they get their numbers from. But I guess it falls in line with the stereotypical male complaints that their wives either always have a headache or they just lay there. This is definitely not the case in our marriage.

The period of time when sex all but stopped was because I stopped initiating. Lion did attempt to initiate some months back, but I would usually decline. That wasn’t good for his ego. With my libido not cooperating, he never stood a chance. We came up with the idea to assign me orgasm dates. It’s not the spontaneity I’d like but it’s a step in the right direction.

What I need to discover now is what will spice up my sex life. I know it’s not initiating. I know it’s not the same things that spice up Lion’s sex life. (By calling them separate sex lives I am merely delineating between what turns him on and what turns me on. I am not suggesting we go have separate sex lives.) I need to find that thing that makes me tree-humping horny. Actually I’m looking for the thing that makes me Lion-humping horny.


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    A woman losing her libido can make all types of issues for her husband – as I know all too well. What amazes me is that rather than just accept it you care enough about Lion to still make sure his needs and desires are fulfilled. Whether the scheduled orgasm idea works or not, consider it a success that you tried something and put in an effort.

    I have given up entirely in my own situation. Not only was the answer when I initiated no, but the tone and words were often demeaning, as in why would I even think she would be interested. Lion needs to know just how lucky he is.

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      I know how lucky I am! Mrs. Lion is the most amazing woman I have ever known. If you are locked by your wife, what sexual contact do you have?

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