Through The Lens Of Reality

Today, it’s been a week since my last orgasm. I’ve been uncaged the entire time. That will probably change today since I expect the Jail Bird to arrive. I’m sure Mrs. Lion will promptly lock me up in it. Yesterday was my sixth day. Generally on the sixth day I am grumpy and I end up getting punished for my ill temper. This time that hasn’t happened. I have been feeling good natured, if horny. Since it’s been quite a while since I had to wait this long, I can’t claim to be getting used to it. Could it be that being uncaged has a positive effect? I can’t see why, but then anything is possible.

Also, you’d think that with no cage on it, my penis would take every opportunity to get hard. It hasn’t. If anything, I’ve been less inclined to get erect. I haven’t wanted to masturbate either. Am I getting trained? I don’t know, but I do miss my little cage.

Enforced chastity, like so many kinks, is shrouded in mythology and fantasy. Like all power exchanges, enforced chastity is a consensual activity almost exclusively initiated by the person who will be locked up. The myth, of course, is that the caged male has lost all choice involving his sexual activities. The cage locked to his penis is a totally secure penis prison that prevents so much as an erection.

Turning this myth into a reality appears to me as the single most significant reason that guys give up on enforced chastity. Most comfortable, or at least tolerable, male chastity devices are not truly secure. Any device secured with a ring around the scrotum and penis can be escaped with enough effort. The single exception to this is if the penis is pierced and the piercing is locked to the cage. Without causing severe damage, the penis can’t be extracted from the cage.

Reaching for the inescapable device is the holy grail for some guys. Short of a penis piercing, they go for tighter base rings, sharp points inside the cage to make pull out damaging to the penis, etc. Each of those items will improve security but will also make wearing the device less comfortable.

After being out of my cage for 10 days now (it’s on its way back from Mature Metal after new, smaller rings have been made), I have come to realize how important the device itself is to my kink. I am not cheating in any way even though my penis is free. I don’t want to do that. I want Mrs. Lion to be in complete control. It’s just not as much “fun” for me this way. The reality is that my chastity comes from me, not the device. But my fantasy, the enforced chastity myth, is that Mrs. Lion has taken control and I can’t do anything about it. Of course, in reality, I can.

Even if I were locked in an inescapable penis prison, if I no longer wanted to continue enforced chastity, I have no doubt that I would be allowed out of my cage. Of course, I hope I am wrong. Mrs. Lion and I have an agreement that I will remain in enforced chastity until March 2016 at the earliest. Every time she reminds me that I have no choice, even if unlocked, it supports my wish to be chaste.

According to the myth, I am locked up with no respite. However, as everyone who tries enforced chastity knows, if you are locked up continuously with no sexual stimulation, you will lose interest in sex. It’s true. Try it if you haven’t. If you are locked for more than a few days without teasing or other sexual stimulation, it gets easier and easier to be in your cage. We are programmed that way. So, to support the myth, it is necessary for our keyholder to sexually stimulate us regularly so we more acutely feel the need to come.

So, like other power exchange activities such as discipline, enforced chastity removes the ability to get sexual satisfaction and then provides stimulation to the edge of orgasm to make the suffering more acute. After all, if you don’t want sex, wearing a chastity device is irrelevant. However, if you are tree-humping horny, the device is a form of exquisite bondage.

That brings me back to my first point: security. For me, at least, my cage has to be secure enough to prevent me from pulling out in a foolish moment and jerking off. Actually, it doesn’t have to be that secure. It just has to be secure enough that it won’t fall off or be too easy to escape. It is, for me, a symbol of my agreement to submit. It is a reminder that I no longer own my penis. I want it to be as difficult to escape as possible without making it uncomfortable to wear. My commitment to Mrs. Lion that I won’t come without her permission is enough to keep me under control. But the device makes it more fun for me; a lot more fun.

Everything Mrs. Lion does that reminds me of her power is a turn on. Each time I get spanked painfully, it reminds me of her control. And I love that. This all has to seem very contradictory to her. It looks like I enjoy pain. Well, I do like some. But that’s not the point. I like that I have to endure pain and obey her rules. That’s the turn on. I love that she has taken control of my sexual pleasure and I have no choice, even if I am out of my cage. What a turn on!