Lion’s New Paddle

As promised, I used my new “nubby” paddle on Lion’s buns last night. He did, after all, drop his napkin during dinner so he was owed some swats. What better way to break in a new paddle?

I decided to be meaner about his swats. Be careful what you ask for, my pet. Instead of four swats, he got six. Hard swats. The first two were enough to make him pink. After the fourth I asked if he felt the nubbies. He said no. Oh well. Two more swats wouldn’t make any difference in that respect, but mean Mrs. Lion gave them to him anyway. He was able to hold fairly still for all six swats. And he had a nice red butt even though there was no trace of nubby indentations. (I didn’t think there would be, but I hoped he would feel a difference.)

It’s nice to have a new weapon in my arsenal. It is light without being flimsy. I’m sure I will get a lot of use out of it for both punishment and fun. Lion needs more spankings. And more teasing. And more anal training. And more orgasms. Maybe I should say he wants all those things. He doesn’t always get what he wants. Sometimes he gets more than he wants. Lucky boy.