whak a mole paddle
The Whack A Mole paddle is walnut with hardwood half spheres located all over. The spheres should make a good impression on my butt. Click the image for purchase information.

Yesterday, Mrs. Lion’s post was about  my orgasm. It was very good. After eight days, I was certainly ready. She mentioned that she was concerned about feeding me lube along with my semen. She used a silicone lube that actually needs very little liquid to achieve its purpose. It’s also non-toxic, so it would have been safe to feed to me. Not that I’m complaining. I don’t like the taste at all, but eating semen feeds my kink to feel controlled.

Also yesterday, a package arrived with a new paddle. The Whack A Mole walnut paddle is a nice, mean-looking toy. It’s made by Cane-Iac, a small mom-and-pop treasure chest of spanking implements. Their prices are fair (shipping is high, but fast) and the quality of their products is good. I expect that Mrs. Lion will report on her test drive, when she gives it a try. I’m not sure that the balls will add more sensation. I know I will find out. Mrs. Lion likes paddles that have the extra dimension of “nubbies” as she calls them.

In my post yesterday, I talked about refining punishments for me. I’m afraid that Mrs. Lion saw that as dissatisfaction on my part with her domination of me. Nothing could be farther from the truth. She has been amazing. I love how she has embraced enforced chastity and has evolved her style to be more and more effective.

She has a problem being “mean”. She and I have very different understanding of that term. To her, teasing me the day she extends my wait is mean because it will make me want an orgasm even more. I see it as a sensible action for a top/keyholder. The same is true about longer and stronger spanking for punishment. Well, she does have a point that I will absolutely hate it if she adopts my suggestion, but I don’t consider it mean. I see it as a way to train me to be accepting of whatever she sends my way.

I have to admit that I am pretty used to getting my way. I think that is the main reason I was so upset by that one day extension. After seven days of waiting, I just didn’t want to wait any longer. Today is the second day of my new wait. If she added a day now, I probably wouldn’t be very upset. I’m not desperate to come. Probably at the end of my scheduled wait, I would be upset, but not this early. The reason I suggest things that I know will not be a bit of fun for me is that I want to feel controlled. I absolutely don’t want to have to learn to hold still for long, painful spankings. I don’t find that idea a bit appealing. Similarly, I really like to come. It’s hard enough to make the scheduled wait. Adding time is a total bummer for me.

Honesty compels me to let Mrs. Lion know all this. If I don’t, then my enforced chastity is a game that I control. The other day, when I was fed up being caged, she reminded me that I will remain caged until “some time” in 2016 (actually March as we agreed). She made it clear that it made no difference if I am tired of it or not. She is in control and the next time I might get a vote is March 2016. Great work, Mrs. Lion!