Should Life Intrude?

All of us lead regular lives with jobs, family, kids, etc. Enforced chastity generally takes a back seat to everything else. It makes sense. Mrs. Lion and I have to pay the bills, feed the critters, and deal with our families. That certainly is a priority. We have a lot of that kind of pressure now. Does that mean we need to put chastity on the back burner?

You could ask the same question about sex. In fact, it’s the same thing at least for us. It isn’t so much a matter of schedule. A half hour or an hour before we go to sleep could be devoted to fun. It’s more whether we feel like doing anything. It’s entirely too easy to unlock the cage and put it and chastity away until the going gets smoother. That has crossed my mind. But then, should my chastity require me to be “in the mood” in order for it to go on?

Maybe six months ago I could have told Mrs. Lion that I want to put chastity on hold while we deal with external issues and she would have agreed. But now that we are so far into it, I don’t want to even suggest that. What does locking up my cock have to do with dealing with bills, the car, etc.? Nothing.

I think that one of the things that caused Mrs. Lion and I to lose touch with our sexual/physical relationship was interference of outside stuff. We deprioritized sex to the point that we just stopped having any. We are in danger of repeating this mistake with enforced chastity. I got some bad news on Tuesday. That night was Mrs. Lion’s scheduled tease night. Being sensitive to my feelings, Mrs. Lion didn’t try. We snuggled and that felt perfect. I think it was the right thing to do then. But not now.

I, of course, remain caged. Good news, bad news, rain, or snow my cage stays on. I am very glad for that. Even if I’m not in the mood for sex, I hope Mrs. Lion resumes her schedule. I may deny wanting this, but I think that Mrs. Lion and I need to make sex a priority and learn not to let other matters intrude.

Have you had external events affect your chastity? Comment and let us know.