Yesterday was a stressful day. I don’t think either of us was in the mood for play last night. We just held hands and snuggled. Maybe tonight will be more exciting.

Lion has made the point before that the chastity lifestyle is not always exciting. It only occupies a small percentage of our time together. Like most other couples, we have chores that need to be done, pets that need attention and other drains on our time. Once we finally settle in for the night, frequently, one or both of us is tired. To combat that, I’ve committed to playing with him every other night. Even then some nights just aren’t meant to be.

We didn’t get a chance to discuss whether he wants his wait times mapped out in advance. I already have some dates in mind. It’s just a matter of his deciding if he wants to know. His knowing or not knowing will not change them. I think it might be a psychological game for him to know. It could either work for him or against him. He might be relieved to see a wait time of only six days. A wait time of three weeks may have him reaching for his coupons. I’m not sure if seeing a long wait coming up will be daunting or not.

As a kid I always hated March. There are no days off in March. If Easter falls early then there may be something at the end of the month, but March is just a long month of going to school every day. Every other month had a holiday. Even one day off was good. Not March. Nope. Four solid weeks of schooldays. And you know it’s coming. Every year they gave out the calendar and every year, there’s March, nothing.

From that point of view I’d think seeing a long wait looming off in the distance would have a psychological effect. Impending doom. There it is. It’s sneaking up. But Lion’s brain doesn’t always work the way I think it will. It might not affect him at all. Darn it!